[PC-USA] 2000-05-19 - Everyday Miracles

Prov. 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. (NIV)

This devotional will be a little different. Sometimes we believe that miracles were only for Biblical times, and we nonchalantly blow right by circumstances and events that could have only been instigated by God. But during the past month, with the resettlement of a refugee family, I have seen irrefutable evidence that they still occur. God's hand is all over this effort. Cases in point:

Everyday miracle #1: There are over 700 language dialects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The tribal dialect spoken by this family is Lingala. A family who are members of our church "happen to" speak that exact dialect. The odds against that would be astronomical.

Everyday miracle #2: I have the privilege of being the coordinator of this project. We began this process of sponsorship over a year ago. The process was inexplicably delayed and only in the last couple months has it come to fruition. This is very time-intensive, and the timing could not be more perfect, as I have the longest school break I have had in two years.

Everyday miracle #3: We weren't sure where grocery money would come from, as our Outreach budget has been stretched over rent and utility expenses for the family. The grocery bill for the first week was $121. Two days later, a member of our church gave a thank offering to the refugee resettlement for "whatever is needed most." The amount of the check? $125.

Everyday miracle #4: It is very difficult in our city to find a job if you don't speak English. If a church finds employment for a refugee within one to two months, it is considered a resounding success. The head of the family, Moise, found a job only one week after he arrived in the United States.

Everyday miracle #5: The family's second language is French. There are few people in my county who speak French, yet when I asked him how his first day went, he said (in French, of course), "The people were nice and several speak French."

If our eyes and hearts are open, there are miracles happening around us every day -- in ministries, at work, in relationships. I urge you to join me in asking God to show us His hand print in our lives.