Calvary Chapel  1997-11-30 - Dear God

Hey, I decided to take a break from the Comprehensive Bible Study - and do a Dear God letter. It's kind of a personal Thanksgiving message. Many of you probably don't know me all that well, but my life has been a very difficult passage for a very long time. Through it all I tried (in tears many times) to minister to others and to pray and to do my best. I tried to seek God through prayer -- and understanding His Word, to cooperate with him. I hope it can stir your heart to find some gratitude for the Lord's work in you.

Dear God, You know as I sat in a restaurant this morning by myself eating, that not so long ago I could not do that alone. I was used to going to this place with my first wife - and You know when she went home to be with you Lord how hard life became. Sure I was glad she was saved Lord, but never a chance to say goodbye and --even so it was like losing my right arm. Today coming into the 3rd Thanksgiving with her being home, I found myself in a place of gratitude that I can barely describe with my words. Today you have restored to me a beautiful wife who loves me, and you have also given me 4 children to boot. I am extremely grateful for them Lord, and for the way you have provided for all of our needs as a family and individually too.

Not that long ago all of us faced extreme hardship, and as we did we prayed for a home with windows and doors -- and not the one where bullets and rage flowed freely, which we were forced to exist in for a time. You gave us a home Lord, with all that we wanted from it. We thank You for a good school for our children - You know how hard it was on them and their Mom to have gone through the years of torment and abuse and neglect. We asked for work, Lord, and you provided work within five minutes of our new home. You gave us both good jobs. We had no cars Lord for a time, and you gave us cars. Lord we are truly grateful for we had nothing but you are giving us everything we need. Lord we asked to find a church that would be good for us and our children; You led us to one ten minutes from the new house You gave us. Lord God we felt abandoned and yet we knew and now know how You care for us. Lord we are truly grateful this Thanksgiving holiday for the biggest blessing of all -- the salvation you wrought for us on that cross, for all who are sinners such as us, that received Your full pardon through Jesus Christ. In retrospect as we look back Lord on one of the most difficult years of our lives, we can say You are so good to us and You are so faithful to a people who do not deserve such love. All we can say is thank You Lord, but again it seems appropriate to do so with prayer.

Dear God - please help us to cooperate with Your plans and purposes. Please help us to behold wondrous things from Your Word to meet our earthly and spiritual need. Help us to grow in Your grace, and again Lord, thank You for all You have done and are doing and will do. Please bring the peace You will bring to the Jewish people soon, and please come quickly Lord Jesus. Help us; guide us. In Jesus' name. Amen.

In His Service,