[Papercut Press Publishing] Devotional - 97-10-20 - Submission to God's Authority

Matt. 28:18, All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.

“I dare not choose my lot; I would not if I might. Choose thou for me, my God, So shall I walk aright.” --Horatius Bonar

In America submission is a four letter word, almost anyway you spell it. It is suggested, on bumper stickers, all over our nation that we “question authority”. Regardless of how we each feel about authority figures, there is one authority to avoid questioning. That would be God. Submission to the will of God is one of the acts of Christian contentment that is inescapable in the Christian life. John Calvin, no matter what one thinks of him and his theological views, is right when he says, “There is nothing holier, or better, or safer, than to content ourselves with the authority of Christ alone.” Christian contentment begins with submitting to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ. Submission to the will of God is the fruit of faith. We must be content to enjoy those things that God will have us to enjoy, to want what His will would have us want, and to give up that which He would have us part with. (2 Sam 15:26, 27; Job 1:21) Many make a show of submitting to God’s authority. They protest that they have given all to God; wealth, possessions, family, dreams, desires, &c. Some do this honestly, in faith, but others do this for show, as a pharisee, because they are convinced in their hearts that God will never put them to trial. For these this is a false “deal with God” and it manifests itself when God takes anything away and it leads to murmuring and complaining at how the hand of the Lord is heavy upon them. No matter our station in life, no matter our hopes, dreams, and aspirations, let us trust God to direct our lives. To lead us in His will and to submit to His judgments as joyfully as we do to His blessings. This is a hard thing to write about. To illustrate how difficult submission must be, I have searched writers from the last 400 years, to gain insight into this topic, and can find few who have written about submitting to the authority of God. It must be a tough issue, no one seems to want to write about it.

“We should give God the same place in our hearts that he holds in the universe.” An anonymous quote.
Soli Deo Gloria,