[Papercut Press Publishing] 1997-10-07 - The Lord Weighs the Spirit

But the Lord weighs the Spirit. Prov 16:2

Yesterday I mentioned someone who carried a large wooden cross around everywhere he went. I believe he did this to fulfill the Matt 10:38 verse to take up our cross and follow Christ. I left something out that I hope will be a moral lesson for all of us. The cross was on wheels.

A lot of Christians like to look like they are holy. Heck, I like to look like I am holy. Who doesn't? But, this is very un-Christlike. Christ never tried to look holy, He didn't need to, He was!!! And that is just like holy people, they do not need to try to look holy. I remember the one time that I met someone, and it is the only time, I thought, "this is a holy man." We know it when we see it, but we so rarely see it because there are tons of pretenders out there.

Here is the moral lesson, God is looking at your heart. He is not looking so much at what you do, sadly that counts as well, but rather He is looking as to the motive. Why do we do what we do? Is it to please the Lord, or is it to please or gratify our lusts? Only we know this answer. You might think that your mate knows you well, but your mate can not answer this question. Only you know your motives.

Friends, we all have our crosses. Some of them are on wheels. The Lord is a gracious God. Only He can take the wheels off our crosses and stop us from coasting; Because that is what we do when we have our crosses on wheels, we coast. Let us resolve to take up our crosses (wheelless) and follow our lord.

"Grace can be no more concealed than fire … Purity is the end of our election." Thomas Watson

"He that trusts his own heart is a fool … There is much in your own heart, which tends to stupify you." Jonathan Edwards

Un-related: "The morning hour has gold in its hand." Benjamin Franklin

A quote (Star Trek influenced) {yea, right!!...??} by Augustine, also unrelated to the above:"When man uncovers sin, God covers it, When man cloaks, God stripes bare. When man confesses, God pardons."

Soli Deo Gloria,