Westminster Theological Seminary 1997-09-08 - Working Out Our Salvation

“… work out your salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who is at work in you …” Philippians 2:12,13

There comes a day for all of us when we are no longer working out our salvation. This day is rarely an expected day. 97 years ago today this “unexpected” day occurred for over six thousand in Galveston, Texas as a hurricane ravaged the town. Now I am writing this 15 days before you are getting this because I plan to be out of town on Sept. 8. I bet on this day, 15 days before all these folks died 97 years ago, none of them were thinking they had just 15 days left to work out their salvation. I suppose this is a common theme with me, but I fear that thinking of eternity and working out our salvation are the great lost practices in the evangelical church.

There comes a day for all of us when we are no longer working out our salvation. Sometimes this comes for many before they have expected “to do” with their maker. Many eke out an existence, a peace with Satan, that allows them to be content, but end any significant contribution they can make within the Kingdom of God. Many of us, including myself, will bow in shame when we see the hours we wasted watching Football, 3rd Rock from the Sun, or Touched by an Angel. With the current events that have happened recently I have scraped the ending of this devotional and am currently writing this the day I am heading off on vacation. There has now been a royal funeral. So we are all going to die.

What, then, is the ultimate question? It is what will we/you/I do with Jesus Christ. Will you/I/we trust Christ alone as our only hope and salvation. How we answer this question determines whether our life was worth living or whether it would have been better if we had not been born. A very wise man once asked me, “What do you do if it is 10am, or 4pm and you realize that you have gone through the entire day and never thought: I love Jesus?” I really had never thought of it before. He went on to admit that we all do this, and more often that we would like to admit. He said the only sure way he knew to remember to think of Jesus first every day was to put tacks in the slippers he put on as he got out of bed. That will work every time he puts his feet in. He will be reminded that, “yes, ouch, I love Jesus”.

Anyone want to try that for application?

True Love: “Charity offereth honey to a bee without wings.” John Trapp

Soli Deo Gloria,