Christian Fellowship Devotionals  1997-08-29 - Up, Up, and Away!

Psalm 17:5 - "Hold my goings in Thy paths, that my footsteps slip not." (KJV)

Mountain climbers never climb alone. As they scale the heights, they climb tied together with a sturdy rope, their feet anchored on the rock with spikes. Should one of the climbers slip, the other holds tight to stop his downward motion.

Traveling together, each has someone to urge him forward when he's tired. Someone to talk to when he's lonely. Someone to behold the majesty and grandeur of the heights with.

Alone, a man never makes it to the top. Alone, he would fail.

It is the same with our Christian walk. God holds us up on our way to the top. Prayer is our rope that holds us close to Him on our journey. Scripture is what guides our steps.

The Spirit urges us forward; He helps us when we're tired. With Him we are never lonely. He shows the majesty and grandeur of the heights.

Alone we would never make it to the top. Alone we would fail.


I want to scale the mountain top! I want to walk with You.
Tied and talking with my Lord In everything I do.

"Onward! Ever upward!" I hear You telling me,
"I'll hold you tight, I'll lead you up Just stay close to me."

Your voice! I hear You calling. Your steps! I see them glow.
I'm walking with my Savior. Where You lead, I'll go.


My dear Lord, I've tried to climb in my own strength, but every time the going got rough, there was no one to pick me up and I fell. I found that when I kept my eyes and ears focused on You, although the way wasn't always easy and very often not the popular path, together You and I have made it up. Thank You for helping me, thank You for holding me. I love You, Lord. Amen.