1997-08-27 - Where God Guides, God Provides

Deuteronomy 2:7: The LORD your God has blessed everything you have done and has watched your every step through this great wilderness. During these forty years, the LORD your God has been with you and provided for your every need so that you lacked nothing."

As I grow up in my walk with Christ, I find myself always going back to the simple truths of God. I have little sayings that come back over and over again. Simple sayings, but not simplistic. You know the difference, simple is saying "This is the day the Lord has made, be glad and rejoice in it!", Simplistic is saying "Have a nice day!"

One of my favorite truths is "Where God guides, God provides." I see this simple truth played out over and over in my life and in the Bible. How do you discern where God is guiding your life? Let's look at a few verses and see.

David prayed and prayed to God for guidance. Prayer is our most important and most powerful tool for guidance.

Psalm 25:4: Show me the path where I should walk, O LORD; point out the right road for me to follow.

James says it so well in the following verse. God wants to help you. He wants you to ask for His divine help.

James 1:5: If you need wisdom-if you want to know what God wants you to do-ask him, and he will gladly tell you. He will not resent your asking.

How ironic it is that most of us rarely use in an effective way, our most powerful tool, prayer. I could not imagine digging a foundation for a house with a hand shovel, when we have powerful backhoes. Nor can I imagine making decisions concerning directions to take in life, without pouring our hearts out to God in prayer.

God constantly guides and provides in every detail of my life, big and small. Nothing is trivial to God. In my business of doing real estate appraisals, I see God's guidance constantly. I can do all kinds of real estate appraisals. Most are categorized into either a residential or commercial type. While I am qualified to do commercial appraisals, God has not provided me with the proper make-up or personality to deal with the complex nature of the appraisals. I find them to be very stressful and frustrating. It took a lot of prayer of asking God for guidance, and the wisdom of my accountability partner to finally make me realize, commercial appraisals are not in God's plan for my work. God provides me with this wonderful accountability partner that continually keeps me straight on the type of work I should agree to perform.

Our Father in Heaven wants the best for us. He has a perfect plan for our lives. Our key to living out His plan and being in tune with His will, is not only believing in God, but obeying Him as well. Believing without obeying is not faith, and obeying without believing is salvation by works. We must simply have faith and obey.

Think about your life. Is God providing you with the necessary "tools" to go in the direction you are taking? Or is God not providing? Remember, only where God guides, will God provide. Where God does not provide, He is not guiding.

Psalm 16:7 I will bless the LORD who guides me; even at night my heart instructs me.

Psalm 48:14 For that is what God is like. He is our God forever and ever, and he will be our guide until we die.

Dear Father, we thank you and praise you for providing ALL things for us. We have nothing to offer you; You give us all things. We are nothing apart from You, Father. Lord, forgive us for being disobedient. Forgive us for ignoring Your guidance, and going about our own self-centered ways. Father we ask for your wisdom and discernment for our lives. We want to live out the perfect plan You laid out for us before the beginning of time. We thank You for our lives in Christ, Who gave up all for us. In His precious name we pray, Amen.