Westminster Theological Seminary2008-18-97 - The 50 Wants of a True Christian

Here is a poem from a one page tract on the "wants" of a true Christian. The tract appears to be about 100 years old and I don't know who wrote it or who distributed it. I don't even know how I came upon it. I have had it for years.

The Fifty Wants of the True Christian

I want to feed on Jesus' word;
I want communion with my Lord.
I want salvation full and free;
I want my Fathers face to see.
I want to prove each promise sweet;
I want to live at Jesus' feet.
I want His mercy every day;
I want upholding all the way.
I want to live as Jesus' bride;
I want in His dear wounds to hide.
I want to prize His fullness more;
I want His person to adore.
I want to hear His heavenly voice;
I want in Jesus to rejoice.
I want to trust Him with my all;
I want on His dear name to call.
I want to die to all things here;
I want on Him to cast my care.
I want to see His Gospel spread;
I want on Satan's power to tread.
I want my Jesus as my friend;
I want Him to my journey's end.
I want Him as my Priest and King;
I want His precious love to sing.
I want Him as my Rock and Tower;
I want Him in each trying hour.
I want Him as my brother dear;
I want my Jesus always near.
I want His eye, His hand, His heart;
I want with all beside to part.
I want Him as my Husband kind;
I want in Him my all to find.
I want Him as my daily bread;
I want Him as my living head.
I want Him as my hiding place;
I want Him as my God of Grace.
I want Him as my life and peace;
I want Him as my righteousness.
I want His own atoning blood;
I want to bathe in that dear flood.
I want His Spirit's voice to hear;
I want the love that casts out fear.
I want Him now in Anchor's vale;
I want Him when all Hell assail
I want Him when my flesh gives way;
I want Him as my only stay.
I want His smiles, His looks of grace;
I want to see Him face to face.
I want His wisdom, strength, and love;
I want with Him to dwell above.

Soli Deo Gloria,