Westminster Theological Seminary 1997-08-11 - Friendship

I would like to share some thoughts on Friendship. I missed church yesterday because of my work schedule and, after the depressing reality of missing worship, I spent several hours on the phone with friends and this was a great encouragement to me. Our friends in Christ are important to us.

"The Scripture represents it to be the spirit of all true saints, to prefer the welfare of God's people as their chief joy." Jonathan Edwards

"Association begets assimilation … Friendship is the marriage of affections." Thomas Watson

"It is in thy interest to choose only the godly for thy friends." George Swinnock

"Hence it follows, that the special affection which the saints have in this world to others saints, who are their friends, will in some respect remain in another world. I do not see why we should not suppose that saints that have dwelt together in this world, and have done and received kindness to each other's souls, have been assistant to each other's true happiness, should not love one another with a love of gratitude for it in another world, and that the joy in meeting those and seeing their happiness is part of that joy that is spoken of …" Jonathan Edwards

"A friend loves at all times …" Proverbs 17:17

"Friendship flourishes at the fountain of forgiveness." William A. Ward

"One should keep his friendships in constant repair." Samuel Johnson

"When God commanded such an entire friendship between man and wife, he knew that the greater part of mankind would have faults; yet he made no exception. And if you think your yoke fellows have faults, you should consider whether you yourselves have not some too." Jonathan Edwards

" …I have called you friends …" Jesus Christ (John 15:15)

Have a great day!!!!

Soli Deo Gloria,