Westmister Theological Seminary 1997-07-21 - The Fellowship of Believers

Hebrews 10:25: "Not forsaking our own assembling together."

Most weekends I am fairly reclusive, not by choice but rather by occupation. This weekend I got someone to cover some of my weekend hours and went to a friends wedding. The reception was especially nice where we, (myself and my girlfriend, Carolyn) were seated with several old friends and a couple of new friends. A good time was had by all. How blessed a weekend this continued to be when we met some really neat folks after church on Sunday and spent part of the afternoon with them. It has been a reminder to me that the fellowship of the saints is precious and a blessing.

The fellowship of the saints is a mystical fellowship. Where else will we find such a fellowship? In a moment the fellowship of the saints will lead us to mourn together, or rejoice together, knowing that there is a communion that is uncommon. No one but saints will meet and discuss their own interests in the business of heaven or the subtleness of sin. Who else but saints will rejoice in the heavenly comforts that belong to another? Who else but saints will support and encourage these comforts and deliverances as if they were their own?

If we consider the passage of Acts 4:32 we see the unity that exists in the faith and the one accord that the saints resonate. In the past the usual saying of those who knew saints was, "Asice ut se mutuo diligunt Christiani" (see how the Christians love one another), so should it be with us today. Our love for our fellow saints should be as fierce as a beasts is for its prey.

We might say a word about denominations here, for there are several. Let us be simple; denominational differences do not cast us out of the Father's family. Thus as a Presbyterian, I can fellowship with anyone who rests in salvation by Christ alone. The walls of fellowship are the ones that we create. We must remember that our tongue, or beliefs, are not Christ's fan--God's Spirit is. When we meet our everlasting companions they should be dear to us, in spite of our differences. This is the cordial respect we owe each other which encourages true fellowship.

"Friendship is the marriage of affections … As the communion of the saints is in our creed, so it should be in our company … Association begets assimilation." Thomas Watson

"Tell me with whom thou are found and I will tell you who thou art." Johann Wolfgang

Soli Deo Gloia,