Westminster Theological Seminary 1997-06-16 - What is Important?

Matthew 5:33, "Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness"

I really only follow one sport, Hockey. About a week ago my beloved Philadelphia Flyers lost in the championship to Detroit. Since that time the Detroit fans and players have had parades and all sorts of celebrations. In a sense they are reaping the rewards of being champions. In the midst of all this celebratoryness, there was a very serious car accident involving two of the star players from Detroit. Both players and a team trainer are in the hospital. One player, Vladimir Konstantinov, is in critical condition with head injuries. The party, suffice it to say, is over. The range of emotions that these people have felt over the last week must be amazing. It is probably leading many of them to examine priorities and to hold dear the things that are closest and most precious to them. These are exactly the things that we should do from time to time, even though we may not have experienced something of a like nature.

What is important?

  1. I would suggest that things that will stand in eternity are those things that are important. Whatever will withstand the test by fire, these things are important and should be part of the main business of our lives.
  2. Our walk with God. Being a Christian means we are involved in a relationship with God, one that will continue through all eternity.
  3. Our relations here on earth. Family, friends, co-workers, and those we have occasional contact with. How can we encourage, and help them develop a walk with God or a closer walk with Him?
  4. Our deeds of love or charity. Each one of us has a gift or gifts, let us use these gifts to the Glory of God.
  5. Our Christian calling. We all have a responsibility, most call this an occupation. We are all called to a task here on earth, again, let us do our task to the Glory of God.

In the Reformation there was a phrase that I have never heard anyone use in the 20th century: Was Christum Triebet. In the Latin it literally means, "What drives Christ", loosely translated today we would translate it, "Whatever advances the cause of Christ." May God give us the grace to make that our mindset on a daily basis.

Soli Deo Gloria,