Westminster Theological Seminary Devotional - 97-05-26 - Faith Costs

Hebrews 12:1,2

Today is Memorial day. Hug a veteran.

"James Dun, Robert Dun, Alexander M'Aulay, Thomas Stevenson, John M'Clude, and John Stevenson" I venture to say, that no one living knows that these men existed -- until now. Here is a paragraph from Robert Wodrow, History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland, Volume 4, page 239. A fine set of books that has been out of print since 1829.

"January 23d, colonel James Douglas, Lieutenant Livingston, and cornet Douglas, with a party of horse, surprised the six persons underwritten, at prayer in the Caldunes, in the parish of Montigaff in Galloway. Their names, and indeed it is all almost I can give in the numerous instances before me, James Dun, etc … Nothing was to be charged upon them, but that they were persons upon their hiding, and at prayer. Whether the oath of abjuration was offered or not, my information doth not bear; but without any further process they were immediately taken out, and shot to death."

That's it, for praying. This is their living testimony of their faith in Christ. A faith that costs. In 1685, the year they were killed, it was not legal in Scotland to be a Christian. There were few trials, and thousands of executions. It is known in Scotland's history as "the killing times." Today we remember that the price of freedom is costly. So is the cost of faith in Christ. It has and still does cost some their lives. Let us give thanks today for both the political and the religious freedoms that we have, remembering also to give thanks for the freedom from the power of sin that we have in Christ.

"Halt passenger, take heed what you do see. This tomb doth shew for what some men did die … they were found constant, and steadfast, zealous, unwavering for the progress of Christ their King … They did endure the wrath of enemies, reproaches, torments, deaths and injuries. But yet they're those who from such trouble came and now triumph in glory with the Lamb" -- from a gravestone in the church yard of Grayfriers Church, Edinburgh, Scotland. Over 18,000 faithful Christians were Martyrd in Edinburgh, between May 27, 1661 and February 17, 1688.

"The saints are the Jewels of Jesus Christ..." Jonathan Edwards

Soli Deo Gloria,