CF Devotionals1997-02-03 - Advantages of a Christian Walk

Col. 2:6, "As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him.

  1. A Christian walk turns moral virtues into graces. Those without grace are often meek, sober, and patient. Some are morally just and righteous in their dealings and conversations. They honor their word, and treat others with kindness. But all this someone may do and perish forever. The grace of a Christian walk is sanctification. It is sanctification that turns moral virtues into graces. The moral actions of each Christian are now flowing from inward, renewed principles. The Christian now acts according to God's laws, for God, in all that is eaten, drunken, bought or sold. Carnal hearts are always carnal, even in moral actions. Spiritual hearts are new creatures, acting from new principals.
  2. A Christian walk is the foundation of joy. There is joy and peace in Justification, founded upon the righteousness of Christ given to us. There is also joy in our sanctification as the righteousness of Christ is more and more in view in our lives. There is no peace for the wicked and hence no real joy, for Christ shall come, at death and judgment, and this will be terrible for the wicked. At death and judgment one ounce of saving grace will be more valuable, more comfortable, than hills of Gold, or millions of worlds. "Behold, the bridegroom cometh, you go out and meet him". Where is lasting joy, apart from Christ?
  3. A Christian walk is an evidence of a gracious state, a confirmation of our faith. A holy walk is the fruit, and evidence of our justification. It is not the ground of our justification, but an evidence. How shall we evidence a gracious state of existence? Walk in Him.
  4. It is a walking toward heaven. Heaven is the end of our walk. Holiness is the road there. Without holiness on earth, there is no happiness in heaven. Holiness is not only the way to heaven, but it is heaven itself. (Heb. 12:14, Rev. 21:27) The more we walk in Christ the more we live the life of God and anticipate the life of heaven. What would a carnal heart do in heaven? Where are the sensual delights it feeds on? Heaven is no such place, it is a pure sinless state, perfection of grace, fullness of joy, the presence of God's glory. The carnal have no desire of heaven, a graceless heart would be miserable in heaven. How sad is the graceless heart. This heart misses heaven in this world and loses heaven in the world to come. A hell of sin here and a hell of suffering hereafter. But a gracious heart has heaven begun here, and heaven perfected hereafter.

Soli Deo Gloria,