Christian Fellowship 1996-08-06 - Counselors

Isaiah 9:6 "His name shall be called … -Counselor …

Many rulers, including our own, have their counselors. They seek the advice and expertise of others for direction. But Christ, our ruler, is presented in this verse as a counselor Himself. His rule and the management of all things are under His authority. He needs no counsel.

In what manner is Christ the Counselor A. He is part of the secret council of Heaven. (Zech 6:13) He is, as it were, a member of the cabinet, to which not even the most favorite angel is admitted. The Father, the Son, the Spirit alone compose this Triune cabinet.

B. He is the chief Counsel for the earth. (John 1:18, Matt. 11:27) There are many counselors on the earth and some of them are wicked, as the house of Ahab was to Ahaziah, which led to his destruction. (2 Chron. 22) But Christ is the counselor unto salvation; always gracious, always loving.

  1. He is a counselor that is open for business. (John 6:37; 12:46), Whoever will consult him; is welcome. None is refused His wise counsel.
  2. He is a counselor because of His capacity. (Col. 2:3) There is nothing that can perplex him. In less than a heartbeat, with a piercing eye, He sees through all the cases of all mankind.
  3. He is the counselor of the visible church. (Micah 4:9) The church is often on the brink of ruin, but Christ, as it were, can find the pipe bomb and can prevent it from destroying the church. He can not only find the problem, He is the solution.
  4. He is the counselor of the invisible church. (A) The care and government of each and every one is under His authority. (1 Peter 5:7) He is the great Shepherd, who feeds and protects His sheep and is the foundation of their well being. He oversees our stay in this world and brings all His sheep safely to glory. (B) His counsels are to the believers benefit. (Prov. 3:6, Ps. 32:8, 119:24) He is to be sought as a confidant. The deepest things of our soul, the dark moments, the hopes, dreams, aspirations; all is to be laid before His feet.


  1. Let us fall in line with the noble designs of Christ. There are two forces at work in this world. Satan is carrying on the design of destruction. Those who fall into his designs, pursuing worldly interest as their chief interest, are following the design of destruction. The design of Christ is that of salvation, the advance of your eternal interest. (Matt. 6:33)
  2. We should be watchful of His eternal counsels. Satan is not an unconcerned spectator or a neutral party when we speak of the eternal counsels of Christ. (Matt. 12:30) We need to remember to rejoice in the advance of the Kingdom of God and mourn when dishonor to It is done.

Soli Deo Gloria,