Christian Fellowship 1996-07-30 - Well, It Is In The Verse...Wonderful

Isaiah 9:6 Focus on the phrase, "His name is called Wonderful".

The word wonderful signifies the term "miracle" or something the created could never accomplish. It is a work past the reach of the created. (Exodus 15:11, Psalm 78:14) Every miracle is wonderful, but not every wonderful thing is a miracle. Christ is not only wonderful, but also a miracle, He is one who is most wonderful. In fact, He is beyond the full comprehension of poor sinners. So why is it, the first syllable of His name, wonderful, why this one? Well, (here is a guess) whatever we know of things excellent, there is still more, and we may know that these excellencies cannot compare to what He is.

Truth: Christ, who is presented and given to us from the Father for our King, is, and is known as wonderful.

Use of this truth:

  1. The reasonableness of the believer's superlative love to Christ. Every believing soul loves Christ above all persons and all things. They love him more than the world, all that is in the world, and more than their very lives. If we think of confessing believers parting with all their goods, liberty, worldly comforts and doing this for Christ; or martyrs parting with their lives, embracing fires for Christ, we must not wonder at their doing so. They undergo the loss of all and yet, gaining Christ, whatever they lose, they are the greatest gainers (Phil 3:7,8).
  2. The transcendent excellency of Christ. The reasonableness of the gospel demands all to receive and submit to Christ as their Prince and Lord. His merit requires our absolute resignation to Him.
  3. The dreadful sin and danger of slighting Christ. The more wonderful and excellent He is, the deeper is the guilt of sin and of rejecting Him (Heb. 2:3 :how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation").
  4. The need of making Christ the choice of your soul. Psalm 73:25, "Whom in heaven have I but you". Is Christ your portion? Is Christ your best portion? The wonderfulness of Christ means our souls must solemnly consent to the gospel.
  5. Be a wise merchant. Part with all for Christ. (Matt. 13:44-46) Give up your lusts and idols, renounce evil, the world, and the flesh. Rest on Christ for all, both now and for eternity.


  1. You can never set your hearts so well. What is it in the world that is comparable to Christ? It is all loss and crap. Should that which is the lesser have our hearts? No! We must have that which is substantial and lasting.
  2. Christ is preached that you may fall in love with Him. It is for this reason that Christ is commended to you.
  3. Lastly, consider how you will answer to Him at the tribunal. If Christ is not wonderful to you, what will you say? If other lovers supplant Christ, what will you say?

Solus Christus,