Christian Fellowship 1996-07-09 - The Lamb

Rev. 7:17, "… the lamb that is in the midst of the throne …"

If the Lamb of God (Christ) is on the throne, we may infer the following truths/applications:

  1. We need not be ashamed of our faith in the crucified Lord. The shame and reproach of the cross has been wiped away and the glory and splendour of the throne is now how we behold the Lord. (This is a strong argument against the use of the crucifix)

  2. We learn that the Church of God is safe, since the Lamb is on the throne. The militant church, the fighting remnant, are in no danger while the Lamb is ruling on the thrown. There are some who fear when they see the wrecking cranes in place against the doctrine, worship, disciple, and government of God's house. Take heart, rejoice, the Lamb is ruling on the throne. (Isaiah 4:5 -- Upon all the glory there shall be a defence)

  3. Here we learn that the enemies of Christ have a quaking heart, since the Lamb, whom they hate, is on the throne. (Psalm 2:1-9) The Lamb is a lion ready to tear his enemies apart.

  4. Since the Lamb is on the throne, our hearts may be lifted up, to a lively hope. The Lamb that was slain was raised and lifted up to the throne. We may now fully understand the dream of Jacob. Gen 28:12, "Behold, a ladder placed on the earth, and the top of it reached heaven." The latter is Christ, the foot of the latter was fixed on the earth when Christ was in His humility and now the latter is fixed on the throne and it is by this latter that we may ascend from earth to heaven.

  5. Here we learn the mark of a worthy Christian. If such be a true believer, He or she will trust that the Lamb is on the throne. The question is less, do we think we believe, or say we believe, but rather does this truth fill your heart with joy, pleasure, and satisfaction that God has placed such an honor upon Christ? Is the sweetness of the truth that the Lamb is on the throne loved by you? Does your heart leap, as it were, within you, to think that the throne of God is also the throne of your saviour and it is a throne open to you to come to boldly by the blood of this Lamb? How is your heart affected with this truth?

This throne is the place of our sanctuary. So when the Apostle says, "Let us come boldly to the throne", he does not mean climbing up to heaven, but rather believingly approaching God in Christ, as held forth in the gospel of salvation. Then this throne, which is in heaven, is also in the midst of our present abode … so great is our access.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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