Christian Fellowship 1996-04-30 - The Omniscience of God

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Just want to remind you all that Wednesday is May-day, being May 1, so be sure to go out and wipe the morning dew on your face. An ancient myth says that doing this on this day will make you look a lot younger. However, if you are like me and don't believe these things, well, have a nice May-day anyway.

"But he knows the way that I take; He has tried me, I shall come away as gold." Job 23:10

The Omniscience of God … One practical implication (The phrase, "The Omniscience of God", means that God knows everything that can be known, both actual and possible things. {Matthew 11: 21})

When our ways are mistaken by men, it yields great relief to remember that God knows the way that we take, without the least mistake. This assures the godly of three things:

  1. God will know our ways just as they are. We can be assured that God will never put a false gloss, or an unjust construction upon our lives, which sinners are susceptible to doing.

  2. This gives us assurance that works of righteousness will be rewarded. God is not unrighteous, and not prone to forget our works and labors of love. (Hebrews 6:10)

  3. This assures us that God will testify to the integrity, and bear witness, to our righteous works. Men will often not testify to a righteous work, but God, who knows our ways, will.

God will not do less for a good man than a good conscience will; for as an evil conscience will accuse, so a good conscience will excuse. (Romans 2:15) Conscience knows our ways; and therefore conscience gives testimony against the evil that we do, and a good conscience will give testimony to those who do well. Let all the world stand up in rage, a good conscience will stand firm, because conscience knows our ways.

Much more then will God testify for those that are godly. It is sweet and satisfying to a gracious soul to do good, but when God himself shall testify for a gracious soul, this is much more sweet and satisfying. (1 John 3:19-21) The reverse it true as well. It is worse to be condemned by God than by conscience.

Someday the world will know what our ways are as well as God knows them now. And they, who are most prejudiced against us, and draw the harshest judgements upon us, will one day know that they did not know the beauty of our gracious actings.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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