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Sometimes I can hardly believe 15 years have passed since I committed my life to Jesus and was saved through the atonement He made when He became sin for me at Calvary. They were amazing years to me. Years filled with many memories of serving within the body of Christ, and also ministering to those outside. A wise man said to me once in order for any of us to be able to serve others we need to know a few things about ourselves.

I think it is important for anyone who puts his hand to the plow to know three things about themselves: Where they came from (Life without Jesus), where they are (Saved, redeemed, bought with a price and abiding in the masters hand seeking to do His will played out by simply being faithful today moment by moment) and where they are going (to be with God forever). So if I live or die now, my life is not my own, but God's to do what He will with it. I learn of that responsibility and will to surrender all we are, and all that we are to become, to Him -- through the help of the indwelling Holy Spirit -- as I study His Holy Word, and my faith increases in Him.

Fifteen years ago I was at the end of a long downhill road, the road that led me in humility and need to Jesus. I was destitute and from the steady witness of a Jewish man who took the time to tell me about Jesus, I accepted Jesus of Nazareth as my Lord and my Savior. I began to pray and tell others and to read the Bible and attend church. I was afforded opportunities to share the Gospel with many people such as myself in those early years, people who were just as needy and hurting as I was. I was privileged to see God move in many of their lives, and I saw many come to know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I could never forget where I came from, nor did I forget those who were looking for an answer, one that I had found in Jesus.

My riches were never to be found in this world, and though I have often heard it said, I truly took it to heart. I looked at a place in life where I had nothing of any value, and I watched and at times tearfully thanked God when he added to my life the things that He would, in order for me to minister to those around me.

My life took on a thirst for the Bible which was answered by God in a simple prayer that David used, to let my eyes behold wondrous things from Thy word. I knew that faith comes by hearing and without that faith it is impossible to please God. So I dug into the Bible and always have, from the time I got saved. I love to spend a good session with God and come away clean and refreshed and by the power of His Holy Spirit, renewed. As I read, I took to heart and noted with special interest, God's interest in and plans for the Jewish people, both past, present and future. I found myself endeavoring to not missionize the Jews, but to take a stand against anti-semitism with them by being their friend, and by disseminating Biblical truths and facts. I have many Jewish friends who do not believe Jesus of Nazareth to be the Messiah, yet they listen to what I have to say because we are friends. I know I love the Jewish people. I am indebted to them for that love.

I realize that everything I have ever learned about God from His Holy Word has come to me because these people were the custodians of the Words of God which I read in my Bible, and that God chose these people. I also know that the Old Testament describes a terrible time that is coming upon the entire earth that particularly involves them, as anti-Semitic peoples seek to rule this earth and levy their values on others. It is my duty, if I know harm is coming, to share that with my Jewish friends, so that they may seek shelter from it.I can not call myself a friend if I do not pray for the peace of this people and offer to them the very best research that I could find. It is my Life s call to be a minister to them, yet never to the exclusion of gentiles.

My future will lie in heaven. The Lord has detailed what that place will be like and what we have to look forward to. The message that the Jewish prophets spoke of in the future all point to it, and they minutely deliver the most detailed description of the joys for all who place there hope in Jesus of Nazareth. The earth will not be a pretty picture in the days just preceding that, though for some they will reject the truth, believe a lie and think "...peace and safety..." will come through the noble efforts of unregenerated men. His plans will stand - not mine or yours - His alone will stand. And I wish to cooperate with Him in those plans that He has for me today, and to be prepared for the plans He has for me in the future, when this earthly pilgrimage is done. Sometimes my brothers and sisters lay wounded on this journey and it is also my duty to gently carry them to safety bearing their burdens with them if it is within my power to do so.

I know where I have been before I was saved by grace - and grace alone saved me, and that grace will keep me saved. As Jesus said, no one snatches anyone out of His hand. Paul also said that nothing can separate us from the love of God. I know who I am in this body of believers, and it is my desire to be only what He has made me, and not to try to be something for which he has not made me. Some of us are an eye or a foot or a hand  or a leg and so on, and we all complement each other as we work in harmony with Jesus as the Head of this body. I am happy to just be a part, and I do not wish to be someone or something different than what He made me to be. I know he made each of us to love one another, and work in one accord in His son Jesus and so I guess I will reiterate one small thing -I am not about being somebody - but about reaching somebody with like-minded brothers and sisters, and it is by our love for one another that the world knows we are His disciples.

And I may add: Don't forget to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6.

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