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Webservants Staff

David - Wednesday Author
Geoff - Pastoral Council
Jan - Friday & Sunday Author/
       Prayer Ministry/Copy Editor
Jen - Copy/Web Editor
Mike - Thursday Author/
       Web Designer
Rick - Saturday Author
Sandi - Substitute Author
Sandy - CF Prayer Page
Sara - Mailing List Coordinator
Tim - Monday & Tuesday Author

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Walking Onward

As we look forward to December, the second anniversary of this ministry on the World Wide Web will arrive on the 17th of December. The pages were available before that date, but the first revision of the site was completed on that date. We began advertising our existence on the Internet that day. We made a few decisions along the way to do our best to create a commercial free area conducive to quiet time and study.

Since that time, over 11,000 visits to our doorstep have taken place. That does not include the thousands of times that pages have been viewed directly by someone doing a search from one of the various search engines. We have heard from many of you with suggestions, letters of thanks and appreciation for many things. It is very often a humbling moment when we see what Jesus Christ is doing here. We are blessed and honored to be part of it, serving you.

From our start with 80 email addresses, five Christians and an idea, we have grown to almost 400 addresses, a website, a prayer ministry. We are blessed with subscribers from all across the country and several nations around the world. We have ten brothers and sisters on staff now. God sends us willing hands when the need arises. All of this is a blessing from the Lord Jesus, Who we glady serve.

Several members pray daily for this ministry. For this we have very grateful. Only with God's help will we stay on track. We are just frail human beings ourselves, prone to error and stumbling like anyone else. But with God all things are possible. And it is He who empowers us to continue walking onward.

[Dove] Growth and New Friends

We are always finding more and more resources for our readers and visitors to dig through to assist them in study, growth or devotions. We realize that we are far from the be all and end all of devotional material. And so, we find and present other quality sites to our guests for their perusal. During the past few weeks we have added a few more sites to the collection.

We do accept submissions for links to other Christian sites. We do, however, reserve the right to make the final decision on what we setup links to. We don't take links for personal sites, as an example. We avoid sites with commercial references or content. All this is to try to maintain an environment where the still, small voice of the Master can be heard.

[Charles H. Surpgeon - Morning & Evening]

Charles H Spurgeon - Morning & Evening

The ministry of C. H. Spurgeon touched the hearts of millions and continues to reach out to a lost and dying world with grace and compassion beyond the author's years. The twice a day thoughts are designed to start and end the day with a mind focused on God.

CF Devotionals desires to see the Word of God presented to Christians to equip them for service. Without his tools, a carpenter will never finish a wall let alone a house. A Christian without and understanding the Bible is at a similar handicap. We know the our devotionals are not what everyone needs. The devotionals of Charles Spurgeon are surely worth looking at as an alternative or a supplement.

[Sermon Central]

It's just what it says it is. Hundreds and thousands of complete sermon outlines and sermons. They can be used for individual study or preparation to present a sermon or talk on countless topics. You don't have to be a Pastor to appreciate the resources available here.

Contributions are glady accepted, reviewed and posted appropriately.

[Three Crosses] Welcome Sara and Sandy!

Sara has come on board as our Mailing List manager. As you can well imagine, keeping the mailing lists straight around here has become a full time job. Sorting through all the mail for the subscriptions takes some time. Sara has volunteered to take on the task. If you are only getting somedays and not others, Sara will want to know and help you fix that problem, etc. It may take a little while to define how things will work and what changes need to be made. But in the end, we hope the mailings will become a smoother operation for us and invisible to you. Welcome Sara!

[email] Email Sara

Sandy is the wife of Rick (Liv4Yeshua) and has come on board as the maintainer of the CF Devotionals Prayer page. When we get a prayer request that can be distributed outside the private subscribers prayer list, Sandi posts it to the prayer website. This way anyone who has a heart to pray and checks the site can join in the prayer support. Sandi separates urgent requests onto a separate list. There's a lot to this, more than meets the eye. The goal is to provide a wider audience for prayer requests that are to be 'passed on'. Sandi has volunteered to step in and fill the gap in service. Welcome Sandy!

[email] Email Sandy

Special Thanks

To all the spouses and friends who give up time so that we can present these devotionals to you, a special heartfelt "Thank You!". Their sacrifice of some time with us is another reason we can be here. Will this does take time, it is not a chore for us. But there are times when these unseen members of our families and friends pull up a little slack so that we can have the time to study and prepare the different parts of this ministry. For all those times, we are grateful and want to let them know their support is not mised or taken for granted. Praise the Lord for your support.

[Praying Hands] Prayer Warriors Wanted

This is not for everyone, but if you have a heart and a gift for persistent prayer, or the desire to become so - we might have a job for you. Every day we receive prayer requests from members and their friends who are going through difficulties from needing a place to live to life threatening illnesses. Their requests are forwarded to a mailing list of prayer warriors. Unless otherwise specified, the request remains private to the group.

We we do receive a request with the desire to have it go as far and wide as possible, we have our prayer site. CF Prayer Page contains prayer requests and has a separate page for requests that are marked urgent. Rick's (Liv4Yeshua) wife Sandy is doing the daily updates to the page. Her service to the Lord in this capacity is appreciated.

What started as a few items a month has become a full-time ministry. Jan is doing the initial sifting and sorting of these requests with help from Jennifer. Jan is also maintaining the prayer warriors list. But the real work is in the trenches by Christians who have the time and the perseverance to spend time on their knees in prayer.

[Cross] Series News

The Cross Series is complete! For those of you who thought it would never end, it is over. When I started the devotionals on the Cross - from the time of the Last Supper to the Resurrection - I thought it would be six to ten articles and we'd be off on something else again. Over a year later, the final installment was submitted and posted. God has blessed me with new insights and a fresh reorganization of the events that freed humanity from the prison of sin. The grace and mercy that flowed from Jesus during those last hours before the cross and the weeks afterward are powerful and inspiring. The reactions of the disciples can show us that there is as much hope for us as there was for them.

Jan's Sunday Series on The Fruit of the Spirit continues! Eight of these fruits have been examined in scripture allowing the Bible to speak for itself on these topics. Examining these twelve characteristics can show us where are are and where we are headed as we grow in Christ. As the Holy Spirit is given room in our lives to change us and conform us into the image of Jesus, these characteristics will become more prevalent. Pray for Jan as she continues in this series.

The Virtuous Woman Series continues! Sandi has been busy writing this series for several months now. Insights into this woman of Proverbs chapter 31 can give women and men insights into what is important in our lives: character, reputation and wise use of time and resources, etc. This has been a very interesting set of devotionals. Sandi normally does substitute work for CF Devotionals. Jan, who also does Sundays, has given Sandi her slot on Fridays to finish the series.

For a complete listing of CF Devotional Devotional Series, check our Series Page.

[flame] In Closing...

As ever, you who read are why we are here. If you have a question or comment, please don't hesitate to send us a note. We do try to answer anything sent to us as quickly as we possibly can. Sometimes we get busy with life, but we will get back to you. If you have an idea for a topic, we'd be happy to consider it too. Prayer requests are welcome too. We do send out requests to the group at the request of a member in need of prayer.

Welcome to all the newcomers! We're glad to be able to send these offerings to you each day. Please know that your email address is completely confidential. We do not divulge the contents of our mailing list to anyone.

The devotional site recently pass 11,000 hits since December 1996. God has blessed us immensely, beyond our expectations. Our desire is to maintain things as simply as possible, and reach as far as we can in the process. Our prayers go out for you as we all begin this new year. There will be ups and downs of all sorts, but as long as we walk with Jesus, we are never alone to face what this life doles out.

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Peace to you and yours,
The Webservants of The Christian Fellowship Devotionals
November 1, 1998

This page is a personal outreach of Webservants Ministries. We are a group of individuals who want only to share the gospel with the lost and equip the body of Christ in growing and reaching a lost world for Jesus Christ. If we can do anything to further assist you, or you have a reference you would like to share, please feel free to drop us a line at Peace.