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July 1998 News

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[Dove] Growth and New Friends

Over the last few months CF Devotionals has been connected with a couple of groups that compliment our ministry. We realize that our style or approach may not be the best resource for everyone and we want to present alternatives to our readers.

By the grace of God, our ministry has grown to reach to people in the US and five countries around the world via email each day. Comments and suggestions from readers have helped us improve this resource for everyone. We thank those who have contributed suggestions, encouragement and corrections. Together we make this a more powerful outreach to the world around us and better prepare ourselves as well.

This month we have added links to a few more excellent locations on the Internet. We hope you can take a minute to stop and look around at the tools that have been offered by Christians ministering on the web to you.

[Magic & More]

Magic and More

Roy Irwin is a Christian Illusionist who uses his slight of hand and misdirection to honor the Lord Jesus and spread the Good News of salvation. Recently he began writing devotionals on a weekly basis. "All I Have Seen..." is the result of this effort. There are about 18 offerings available. Each one takes the common, or known things of life and makes a point. I have found them to be insightful and poingiant.

All I have seen... teaches me to trust God for all that I have not seen.

Heb 11:1-3 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. 2 For by it the men of old gained approval. 3 By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible. (NAS)


Cybergrace Growth

The Cybergrace Website has been an invaluable resource to may Christians and non-christians across the internet. CF Devotionals has been listed as a Top 100 Website rating four stars since early in the development of Cybergrace's ministry.

As time has moved on the site has added features like a Christian singles service and chat rooms for Christians in addition to expanding it's listings of Christian resources to assist the Christian community on the Internet. Todd White, the Webmaster at Cybergrace, has incorporated at more powerful search engine into the site to keep up with the growing demand and usage.

The new software allows Cybergrace to keep track of the number of times a link has been used. I also facilitates visitors to the various member sites to vote for the sites they visit. The logo you see here is also on the home page allowing you, our guests to let others know that you appreciate the site and it's content. Of course, if you have a problem with the CF Devotionals site that you feel is noteworthy, we would like to correct the problem. Please feel free to drop us a line and make a suggestion.

[email] Suggestions are always welcome!

[HeartLight Daily Bible Reading]The staff at HeartLight Ministries offers the Daily Light guide to Bible reading. This is not just another read through the Bible in a year plans. Instead, the days have themes: Sunday is Salvation, Tuesday is Mission, Wednesday is Troubles, etc. There are dozens of other wonderful resources and regular articles available. Some are targeted to singles, some to men, others to women in addition to special features and meditations.

There are some things at HeartLight just for fun like the Heart Cards that can be sent to anyone free via email, or for a price it can be put on a t-shirt too. There is even a chat facility for folks looking for fellowship or someone to talk to day or night.

Of course, we focus here on the daily reading as a devotional reading. But there are a world of great things available to visitors to the HeartLight website. Drop in and see.



Liv4Yeshua (aka. Rick) continues on Sabbatical as of this time, but expects to be back around the beginning of August. Life with Rick might never be considered 'normal', whatever that really is considered to be measured as, but things are getting more settled for Rick and family.

This should allow Sandi time to complete her series on The Virtuous Woman of Proverbs Chapter 31. For those of you who have missed it to date, the pages are all listed together on the Series Index. Please feel free to see what Sandi has felt lead to share with us all.

David has promised to return at the beginning of August. He has been away, taking care of some things and recharging his batteries. He is looking forward to returning to regular writing and so are we.

In the interim, Tim has been doing the first three days of each week, and loving it. Tim is our resident seminary student whose prolific, yet brief and to the point style regularly gets the day started on Monday and Tuesday. We appreciate Tim's extra effort, but he keeps assuring us that he is having a great time filling in for us.

Please keep Rick and David in your prayers, and the rest of us here appreciate your support as well.

[flame] In Closing...

As ever, you who read are why we are here. If you have a question or comment, please don't hesitate to send us a note. We do try to answer anything sent to us as quickly as we possibly can. Sometimes we get busy with life, but we will get back to you. If you have an idea for a topic, we'd be happy to consider it too. Prayer requests are welcome too. We do send out requests to the group at the request of a member in need of prayer.

Welcome to all the newcomers! We're glad to be able to send these offerings to you each day. Please know that your email address is completely confidential. We do not divulge the contents of our mailing list to anyone.

The devotional site recently pass 7800 hits since December 1996. God has blessed us immensely, beyond our expectations. Our desire is to maintain things as simply as possible, and reach as far as we can in the process. Our prayers go out for you as we all begin this new year. There will be ups and downs of all sorts, but as long as we walk with Jesus, we are never alone to face what this life doles out.

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Peace to you and yours,
David, Geoff, Jan, Jen, Mike, Rick, Sandi and Tim
July 25, 1998

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