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[Dove] In His Hands!

April 8th, 1998 marked the 2nd anniversary of the Christian Fellowship Devotionals. Inherited from Angela on that date when she could no longer continue, the devotional mailing list was passed to us. Angela's only string was that the list remain private. We remain committed to your privacy. She said,"It's the Lord's list, not mine." and surrendered herself to whatever He had in store for her. In December of that year, at our Pastoral Council's prodding, we presented this website to the Internet for the first time by the grace of God.

There are now over 550 articles covering 60+ topics available to anyone who comes to look. Over 230 email messages go out to subscribers each day. In the midst of all this, we are humbled and grateful to the Lord Who has blessed us beyond our expectations. It is our prayer that He is presented here to the world as the solution to the deepest needs of their hearts and lives.

The evening of March 6th, 1998 saw the 5,000th visit recorded to the home page.Our 4,000th hit came January 6th, 1998. So, in two months the home page was visited one thousand times! The Lord is good indeed. Now, May 5th, 1998 has seen the 6,000th guest pass through our doorway. Again, in 60 days the Lord has sent 1,000 people to visit this bit of cyberspace He has provided to us. None of this includes the accesses directly to devotional pages from various search engines around the Internet which makes up the bulk of the traffic.

It is all of God's blessings and nothing that we can take credit for that has created this resource. Jesus has provided the computers, home, electricity and time and teaching to prepare the devotionals. He has been so gracious and so good to us. It is all for His glory so that He can reach out to a lost and dying word and draw them to Himself. Pray for those who "accidentally" find our site from all over the world, that their hearts would be prepared ahead of time and open to the Gospel.

[Cross]Wanted: Prayer Warriors

We often receive a piece of email with a prayer request from one of our readers. Sometimes it is even passed on from outside the circle, via members of the mailing list. These requests range from problems at work or home, job offers to very sick loved ones young and old, cancer exams, prayer for couples about to be married, and more.

If you would like to be included in the list of people who receive these prayer requests, please write Jan at Likewise, if you are getting the prayer requests and would like to be removed from the list, let Jan know. No one will think less of you for doing so. It is simply a matter of getting the requests to people who have the time, heart and energy to pray for the needs that are passed to us.

[Ionanet Logo] New Artwork from Iona!

One evening I ran across the website for the National Day of Prayer. This is a holiday set aside the first Thursday in May by Presidential proclamation to pray for our nation right down to our towns and families. Churches all over the country leave their doors open all day to allow anyone who wishes to come and spend time in prayer. I wanted to add a link to our resources page to this site. I asked the Webmaster of the site, Mary Mejia, if it would be possible to have a slight change made to their logo artwork for our site. She passed the request on to her graphic artist, Iona Hoeppner.

Well, Iona returned not one, but four pieces of artwork so that we could choose the one we liked best. There was an additional surprise too. Mary and Iona conspired a thank you to us for the link. Iona created our superb new masthead logo on our home page. I know from Mary's letters that Iona is a very busy lady and they are both neck-deep in some serious projects. So that makes the time they spared to do these things for us even more special.

If you can spare a minute, drop by Ionanet and see some of the special work produced by Iona. She is an excellent artist who uses her gifts for the glory of God. Please take a minute to drop her a note of thanks for her contribution and her extra effort for our site.

[email] Iona Hoeppner

[Calvary Chapel]Rick on Sabbatical

As of one week ago, Rick (a.k.a. Liv4Yeshua) has placed himself on sabbatical. There is a great deal going on in his life and the life of his family. He and Sandy have recently been married and adjusting to a new family, a new church, a new home, a fairly new job and several kids has been quite a bit to deal with for Rick. To clarify, Sandy is not our substitute author but another wonderful Christian lady.

Pray for a time of refreshing for Rich and Sandy as they make all these various adjustments to their lives. The Lord has shaken them up to show them something. Pray that God's will becomes clear to Rick and his family and that he may return to us full of the Spirit and prepared to serve in his special style again.

Rick and I (Mike) are discussing a new design for his site that we hope to begin working on in the near future. He has some one-of-a-kind books and a collection of notes on Messianic Judaism and Jewish culture. He has a real heart for the people and nation of Israel. He and his wife are also talking about the things that could be included in the resurrection and improvement of the Liv4Yeshua website. This will, of course, remain on hold until Rick is a little less overwhelmed. Pray for our three hearts and minds to be open as we prepare.

If you have a minute, please drop Rick a note of encouragement. Thanks!


Sandi, our sub-author, has agreed to fill in for Rick until he returns. Pray for Sandi as she prepares for her task at hand.

[flame] In Closing...

As ever, you who read are why we are here. If you have a question or comment, please don't hesitate to send us a note. We do try to answer anything sent to us as quickly as we possibly can. Sometimes we get busy with life, but we will get back to you. If you have an idea for a topic, we'd be happy to consider it too. Prayer requests are welcome too. We do send out requests to the group at the request of a member in need of prayer.

Welcome to all the newcomers! We're glad to be able to send these offerings to you each day. Please know that your email address is completely confidential. We do not divulge the contents of our mailing list to anyone.

Our 2nd anniversary recently passed on April on the 8th. God has blessed us immensely, beyond our expectations. Our desire is to maintain things as simply as possible, and reach as far as we can in the process. Our prayers go out for you as we all begin this new year. There will be ups and downs of all sorts, but as long as we walk with Jesus, we are never alone to face what this life doles out.

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Peace to you and yours,
David, Geoff, Jan, Jen, Mike, Rick, Sandi and Tim
May 8, 1998

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