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[5 Color Cross]  Keepin' On - Business as Usual

Well, it may look like business as usual from where you sit and read. And that is great, we are here to present you with what God has placed on our hearts for you. But the fact of the matter is, we are people just like you. Imagine that! We have jobs and classes to attend, and things do not always go as we planned. God has blessed us on this side with the ability to cover for each other. Now and again, one of us will get a burst of inspiration and an idea for a devotional comes right out of 'nowhere' (of course, we all know where and Who that is). You may see a post that seems out of order. That's just us bending to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We humans like things in predictable, orderly packages that we can get our arms around or read from a schedule. Simply put, God often changes our minds for us. We hope you see it as God's leading hand rather than in inconvenience.

So, while it may seem like business as usual, life is never dull with God involved. He has been very, very good to us all. And He is utterly trustworthy. So hang on with us for the ride.

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Willow Creek Assoc.  David in Need of Prayer

As you may have noted, our regular author for Wednesdays has not been present for the last little while. David has been having back problems. This has been another case of God changing our plans, especially David's. David had covered for Jan to allow her a rest bit for a time of refreshing. Now it seems that God has returned David's favor and provided him with some time away.

Please keep David in your prayers. He has had back surgery for a disk problem. He is better and home, but he is still in a lot of pain while the healing process continues. Pray for his family as this is a time of added stress. Keep David's doctors in prayer, for wisdom and guidance. Dropping him a note of encouragement of a get well soon letter would be very much appreciated. David is an important part of this family, and we look forward to his full recovery.

[email]  Note to David

Please pray for Jan as she pulls some double duty during this time. Sandi has filled in too. Without Sandi I don't think we could be as consistent as we are. She has been a blessing to us as well as to you readers, if the email we get is any indication.

I have to say that this is a wonderful group to work with here. But, as I said earlier, we are frail human beings just like you. We have the same colds, allergies and aches and pains that anyone gets. And nope, sorry, no halos here.

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AOL Logo  Sunday Night Bible Study Online!

One of our reasons for being here is to equip believers in Jesus Christ to go out and reach out to the world with the grace, mercy and love of God. An important part of that is regular study of the Word of God, the Bible. Host Margo, and Host Jenn are presenting a weekly Bible study on America Online. The study takes place at 9:00p eastern time on Sunday nights. It is held in the Christian Fellowship room under the Life category in the Public Rooms section of the People Connection forum. A few verses are sent to the screen, followed by discussion by the room. This continues until the section is completed or 10:00pm eastern time.

The study is currently in the book of John. This is a great book for new believers, as well as those of us who have walked a long the narrow way for a few years or more. The one thing I can say about studying the Bible is that it does not get stale. There are always new insights. The Hosts will bring their own insights to the study as well, so you will be getting some new input as well.

[email]  Send a note to Host Margo for more details.

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[CC Dove]  Updated Resources!

Our long stagnant page of links to other Christian resources has been updated recently. There are a bunch of additions. The listings have been roughly grouped with other devotional pages listed first. There is a new section for missions with a menu of sites to visit.

There is one site that kind of stands out a bit in my view. It is all about end times prophecy. The Harpazo page is a graphically stunning, verbally intense set of web pages that will blast your retinas and fill your mind with good, current information from the Bible and the daily news that pertains to the last days of planet Earth. Informative for both believers and skeptics. Please check it out, before the rapture.

Our resources tend to be of an evangelical or devotional nature. Please feel free to email us with any appropriate sites that you might run across. We need the URL (the web address) and a few days to look it over. Any input, as ever, is always welcome. [email]

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[Flame]  Answered Prayer and Requests

Rick and his family are all settled into their new home. This is just in time for the cold weather bearing down on the east coast of the US. Rick and company thank you for your prayer support during this time. Life is now settled back down to as normal as possible with family life in full swing. They have found a new church with which they are all very happy. The Lord is blessing. As with any family, continued prayer is appreciated for physical and spiritual needs.

Please add Jennifer and her family to your list. Jen has been doing the day to day maintenance of the web site for a little more than a month now and she has been doing a splendid job of it. She is also starting a new job which she is very happy with. Also note that her father is fighting cancer and is taking chemotherapy. This is very taxing for not only her father, who certainly bears the brunt of it, but to Jen and her mother and all of her brothers and their families as well. Pray for healing for her father's disease, that Jesus would make a shining example of His healing power through Jen's dad. Remember the entire family as this is a very difficult time for the family and for each one.

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OCC Logo  Our Church.Com - Christian sites and Web Resources

Well, is currently under a rebuilding project, once they return check them out.  Especially if you are in the market for a place to put your website. They have software available to help in the development of web pages and space available.  Hopefully, they will be back on the air in the very near future. They have also agreed to list our site here. Kind of a billboard on the Information Superhighway. We thank them for their support of our site and the ministry here. We'll throw a note up when they have returned.

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[Dove]Bits and Pieces

Series News

Rick and Mike are in the middle of long term devotional series. Both are 14 parts in length now. Rick's is the Comprehensive Study series and Mike's is The Cross Series.

Rick is doing a comprehensive study of the Bible. It is a multifaceted review of topics from looking into the person of God to Angels to Eternity and Miracles.

Mike is looking at the events covered in the four Gospels from the Upper Room to the Cross. Currently, it series is in the middle of the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus at the end of the Passover meal in the Upper Room. The study will soon move to the Garden of Gethsemene.

If either of these topics interest you, take the time to catch up and dig in to the topics.

A New Feature

As most of you know the main page has a counter at the bottom of it. With this we keep track of how many times our site is visited. Well, we got to wondering where these hits were coming from to visit us and what pages were being perused. A UNIX/Perl package was picked up called FtpWebLog (for those who are interested) to review the logs of the visits to our site. The results are very interesting. In addition to the expected ton of hits from the main services like AOL and Compuserve, we are getting visits from all over the world. What a blessing to know that someone in Poland, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, or Canada has stopped by to see what is here.

There is one link to these statistics at the bottom of the homepage. This is not a main feature of the site, but if you are curious, check it out.

Subscriptions and our Mailing List

If you would like to receive these devotionals in your email box every morning, please drop us a line and let us know. Drop an email note to Jan and please mention the Christian Fellowship Devotionals in your message. As far as the mailing list is concerned, it is private. We will not sell or give away your name to anyone. You will not get any extra mail from us asking you for anything. We just want to provide you with a daily thought to turn your mind toward God. So you can subscribe without any concern of getting more junk mail because we sold your name to the Internet Promoters League.

[email] Subscribe to the Christian Fellowship Devotionals

[Sagelink] Internet Access Speeds

As of today, I have been informed by the Sagelink administrator that the group that provides Sagelink's computers with access to the Internet as dramatically improved his level of service to his customers. This should make a notable improvement in the time it takes for Sagelink to respond to return the pages you are requesting. Just one more way God is blessing all of us. PtL!

Sagelink continues to provide us with quality service and support. They have been very open to our suggestions and requests on a variety of subjects. If you have a moment, it would be wonderful if you could take a moment and pray for Jimmy and his family. Also to thank God that we have such a quality instrument at our disposal to spread His word to the church and to share the love of God with the world.

[Star of David]   Welcome to the New Folks!

Tim issued a very timely welcome to our the new members of our devotionals family. I would like to repeat it here:

I would like to take a second a welcome new members. This list of devotional folks is growing out of control. This is wonderful! I wish you God's grace if you are new here getting these devotionals, or if you have been getting them for years. Some devotionals will hit you, some will not, that is to be expected. I wish to welcome all the new names we have gotten of late and ask that you study God's Holy Word and make sure that these things are true.


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[Question]  Questions are Welcome!

If you read something that doesn't quite make sense, or ring true, please send a note to the author. Each devotional has a signature at the bottom of the page. It is a clickable email link to make it easy for anyone to respond to an author with a question or comment. We do want your feedback, good or bad. If you feel like we missed a point, let us know. If you were especially blessed, share with us what touched you. Feedback lets us know who's out there and if we are helping you. So, talk back!

If you have an idea for a topic, a comment or question on a devotional, or anything at all, please feel free to drop us a note. Even if it is a problem you have with something, we would like to do what we can to clear it up. God has blessed us with this little corner of cyberspace.  Help us to make the very best of it we can for Jesus. envelope

Peace to you and yours,
David, Geoff, Jan, Jen, Mike, Rick, Sandi and Tim
November 14, 1997

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