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 Sandi Gives David a Break

Now and then we need a break for professional or personal reasons. Family vacations, emergencies, colds and sanity breaks are all reasons we have Sandi to help us keep the gaps filled in for our readers. She has been there for us to help with sick days and other single events. David needed to take a brief leave of six weeks. We asked Sandi if she could substitue for David during this time and she accepted. Her devotional on her spaghetti sauce got a very good response. She also has shared some of her personal adventures with us in her daily walk. It has been delightful to get to know Sandi a little better through her writings and we look forward to being able to spend time with her again in the future. Thank you Sandi!

I spoke with David briefly earlier this week and he is ready and sounded excited to be coming back very soon. We look forward to his return as well.

WZZD 990AM Philadelphia  Internet Radio Show Features the Positive Side of the Internet

The WZZD 990 AM Philadelphia morning show featured a chance to discuss the positive side of the Internet by calling in with a favorite site.  We hear all the bad news about the pornography and the other ills that beset the Internet, but there are good resources of information available. Jesus told us to occupy until He returns. The Internet is a great way to get the message of the Gospel, the good news, out to the world at large. The discussion was not limited to Christian sites but did get several calls regarding sites we also feature. Chuck Missler's Koinonia House ( and the Blue Letter Bible were mentioned among others. See our resources page for other listings as well.

The show aired Friday morning on August 15th from 6am to 9am. A list of favorite websites is being compiled for their website ( and is hoped to be available as early as Monday afternoon.  If you have any sites you like to be sure get mentioned the number at the station is 1-800-990-WORD (9673). There are several other features on their website, like the Christian Concert Hotline where upcoming concerts in the Delaware Valley are listed. Lists from other morning show call in programs are listed there as well.  The WZZD website is an up and coming source of information available for the browsing. If you live in or travel to the Delaware valley, I hope you can tune in for great Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) and live discussions. If you have a website to add to the list, make sure you let them know where you are calling or writing from and mention the CF Devotionals website as well. We appreciate the support.

I also urge you to support your local Christian Radio stations and book stores. We should not take these for granted or they could disappear. Without them, we as disciples would be not s well equipped to face the world each day.  If your local radio station has a website, let us know at If we get enough submissions, we could build a radio resources page to add to our site.

Calvary Chapel Rick's Comprehensive Series Continues

The Comprehensive Study Series that Rick is currently in the middle of presenting has posted its seventh week. There is the promise of more if the Lord taries. The devotionals have been chocked full of good information and insights. Rick has a unique background that has equiped him with his often unique perspective. The comprehensive series has included many facets of God seen in the Bible.  His last devotional, The God of Revelation, is one most Christians can probably gasp readily since many of us are familiar with the passages of The Revelation to John on the Isle of Patmos. Other devotionals are a good chance to get a favor from less familiar Old Testament sources. Challenge yourself.

As ever, if there is a facet we miss, or an additonal point you think might round things out better, please click on the author's name at the botton of the devotional and send him or her mail about what you have for consideration.  We all learn and grow as we continue the walk Jesus has appointed us to walk. This is one more way to help a brother or sister along the narrow way.

Christian FellowshipWe Want to Hear fromYou

We want to know what questions you have. If you have an idea for a topic that you have not seen discussed, send it in. See if someone here can take it on as a challenge or simply help a curious brother or sister, or skeptic with a question they may have. We want to see Christians equiped for the day, and knowing what they believe and why they believe it. If we can help to do that, one day at a time, we will be glad to do so.

If you just want to say Hi, send it on. We love to hear from folks out there. You are why we are here. Jesus has given us all hearts to prepare these devotionals.  In the process, we do learn and become better equiped. But we also pass it along to you the readers.  In the process, God's children grow stronger and He is glorfied. That's what it is all about here.  Help us to meet the needs. Someone else out there may indeed have a similar question. Be couragious and help yourself and this other soul who might think there questions is silly. There are no silly questions asked from on honest seeking heart.

Let us hear from you at e-mail

Peace to you and yours,
David, Geoff, Jan, Jen, Mike, Rick, Sandi and Tim
August 16, 1997

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