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 Strides Toward Consistency

Over the past 18 months, Jesus has slowly enabled us to close the gaps in our delivery.  We started with five days a week promised, and often enough had trouble meeting that. In May, we finally offered all seven days in a week for the first time. There was actually a run of nearly two weeks. We were very happy to see that. Last month, we had our socks blessed off. The Lord enabled us to offer all but one day in a daily fashion through our e-mail offerings. That day was made up within a few days.  But even better than that, we posted a devotional every day on the website.

All of this has happened only through the enabling of the Holy Spirit, the leading and provision of Jesus, and the blessing of the the Father. Without God leading the way, giving us the strength and time, none of this would be possible. We continue to lean on Him and look for His provision as we go forward.

Christian Fellowship Devotionals Sandi's Testimony is Online

Our newest author, Sandi, has provided us with a brief testimony. It is short, sweet and to the point. But good things come in small packages. In a few words, she speaks volumes about herself and her Lord. She has agreed, as many of you already know, to substitute for another author when they can not fulfill their commitment for a day. The devotionals that Sandi has presented so far have been wonderful.  I hope you can take a few minutes to catchup reading then, if you have not already been blessed by them. email

Calvary Chapel  Rick's Comprehensive Study Series

Rick's current series of devotionals is in full swing. He is presenting case arguments for the existence of God. This material is being presented to equip readers as they go out into this world to be able to stand firm against the intellectual arguments that God never existed, or is dead. There are many well meaning folks who get into a discussion on this topic and know that they know that they know, but don't know how to present the position. Here is material from Rick's archives to give us all foundational material for discussions on this topic. The series is scheduled to go one more week.

Clean Web Site  David has Done It Again

Our websurfing author David has surfed on our behalf yet again. David has taken on the mission of making our website as accessible as possible. In the process, he ran into a group that certifies sites that are free from pornography and violence, among a few other ills. The groups goal is to make the World Wide Web (WWW) a safer place to surf and to do business.  I have lost the URL (Universal Resource Locator, aka. a website address) in a mailbox crash. I will get the information from David as soon as I can and report it here, so stay tuned.

While we are pleased at the certification, we already knew that nothing was cleaner or more pure than the truths of God's Word and His grace, mercy and love extended to His children and to a lost and dying world that needs it so much. email

We'd Love to Hear from You! We'd Love to Hear from You!

We as Webservants have done what we can to make ourselves accessible and accountable as we present these devotionals to anyone who will read them. We ask for your prayer support, and to bring to our attention any issues you would like to have us address. Questions and comments regarding any devotional are welcome, both positive and negative. Each devotional on the website is 'signed' by the author with an email address directly to that person. Or, you can contact us at and the group will all get the note you send along. We are grateful for the responses we have received so far, and look forward to your continued comments and interest in what God is doing here. email

We're making little changes here and there to try to make our site more appealing to passers by. Suggestions and comments are welcome, new graphics are welcome if you are graphically inclined.

I have been asked, "Where did the name Webservants come from?" Well, the person or persons who manage a website are called Webmasters in the world of the Internet. But we know that Jesus is the Master, and we are the servants. We know that He is in complete control. It seemed appropriate, as Jesus' servants on the Web, to call ourselves Webservants. That's it, it is that simple.

Peace to you and yours,
David, Geoff, Jan, Jen, Mike, Rick, Sandi and Tim
July 5, 1997

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