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You Spoke, We Heard.

We received a feedback note after our Anniversary CF News Byte saying how much this person missed the devotionals the originator sent out with scripture texts listed without commentary. The issue was discussed, and the result is that Jan has graciously accepted the task of issuing a Sunday devotional consisting of scripture texts on a theme. By now, subscribers should have received several of these. We hope you find them a useful change of pace from our devotionals with commentary. The word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. May these Sunday devotionals bless you as they are prepared.

This, of course, means that we are covered seven days a week now. With the exception of days where an author can not cover, for whatever reason, those who subscribe should be blessed with something from the Lord via this ministry. We ask that you would keep us in your prayers, that we would remain useful to the Lord and available to you.

And, just a reminder, that those days when an author is unable to cover his or her appointed date we now have Sandi who has agreed to send in substitutional writings. So, we are hoping to keep the dates covered as much as possible from here on out.

1,450 Guests and Visitors Have Been Here!

Aren't you glad you don't have to clean the rug for all the traffic marks? We have notice an upturn in traffic visiting our little corner of cyberspace here. David has been busy dropping our site address in several index site locations who freely list other sites. The Sagelink site had a three day outage earlier in the month. We hope the absence from the Internet did not cause anyone any serious inconvenience. We're glad the problem was handled so quickly and professionally by the staff at Sagelink. If you know of anyone who thinks we are gone, tell them we're back.

Also, feel free to drop our site address, or printed copies of devotionals off to others. All we ask is that the pages be presented in full, and that the material be not referenced out of context. If God has blessed you with the material available here, share it with a friend. We all pass the light of Jesus like a baton in a relay race. Please, pass it along.

The Author Archives are Available

All the links to the devotionals now include the archives. Everything we have written is now referenceable by author. For those of you who have missed it, each author and editor has a testimony page listed. If you want to learn a little more about us, check these pages out. They are accessible from the home page just below the different listings of the devotionals.

This set of links has been a long time in coming. We hope it helps you to find a particular piece you are looking for more quickly. The remaining links by scripture reference and subject will take some time to complete. This is very tedious work, so give us a while to prepare it.

Active Series Devotionals

We currently have two active series devotionals in progress. Jan is currently deep in the middle of a set of devotionals that are looking into the facets of the Sermon on the Mount. She has taken each blessing that Jesus pronounced and sharing some history and, of course, a bit of her heart's insight. I'm looking forward to reading the remaining pieces. Rick is just starting a group of devotionals in which he is taking a comprehensive view of biblical basics. Rick's unique perspective should bring each of us a new insight before all is said and done. Stay tuned as these series continue to develop.

A First for Us!

The week between May 18th to May 24th we were able to present a devotional each day for the first time. A calendar week was covered, end to end. We are blessed and thank God for His provision. As Jesus continues to bless us, and pour our the good things He has for us, we will continue to share them with you. All this is by His grace with nothing held back for ourselves. Left up to us, this entire effort would have fallen flat within the first week. With God, all things are possible.

Peace to you and yours,
David, Geoff, Jan, Jen, Mike, Rick, Sandi and Tim
June 8, 1997

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