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Good News! Tim is Back!

The long awaited return of Tim has happened. The Lord has blessed us with his return. His technical email problems seem to be behind him.  We all just think that Tim took a break to let the other authors catchup. Tim has done two devotionals per week, Monday and Tuesday, since the inception of our email devotional.  He has been as reliable as the sun, or nearly as reliable as the Son ;) in his presentations. It took a while to get things cleared up.  But, we all know how much we missed him.  We thank you all for your prayers and notes of concern during his absence. Tim has said how good it is to be back. If you have a minute, drop him a line and welcome him back personally. Email to Tim

New! The Archives are Online!

It has taken us much longer than we originally thought, but the devotionals prior to mid-October 1996 are online and indexed by date. The author, scripture reference and subject indexes will follow as soon as possible.  Jennifer was instrumental in getting the pages properly formatted and prepared for the links. The delay in getting the links up was solved with a little elbow grease and a UNIX script or two. Hopefully the author links will be updated in the next few weeks to include the older listings.  Let's hope it is sooner than the date references took ;)

Christian Fellowship Devotionals Welcome Sandi!

We have a new author who has agreed to do devotionals on a substitution basis. This will help us to be more consistent in getting a daily devotional to you on a regular basis. We do have lives and things come up. So, the addition of Sandi to the group will help us to not affect the readers as much when the Lord has other plans for one of us. We are expecting Sandi's testimony and other information soon. She comes highly recommended by Jan. Along with a review of some of her materials, we are glad to have Sandi onboard.  Welcome Sandi!

Christian Fellowship Devotionals David's Been Busy!

Our author Dave has been cruising the Internet getting the word out to the Web Servers that list indexes of websites. In the near future, our little corner of cyberspace will be listed on as many as 200 services! These listing will not cost the ministry anything at this time. If a cost is every encountered, we will probably drop the link. Webservants is all volunteer and free to anyone who wants to come and visit. In Isaiah 53, God calls to anyone to come and partake of His best without cost. Webservants has no plans to rewrite this chapter of Isaiah. Thanks David!

 Help Spread the Good News!

Feel free to drop our website along the way.  Feel free to print out a copy of a devotional that you feel would bless someone. Some folks are printing out copies and leaving them for others at their fellowships to pick up. I was amazed and blessed to hear this. We are honored to serve the Lord, but really had no idea how many ways people would find to extend the reaching hand of the Lord.

If you want to use a piece of material from this site, all we ask is that you do not take the reference out of context. If you print out a copy to share, please distribute the page in its entirety. Thanks. May the Lord bless you in blessing others.

New Link Footers

We've added new link footers to many of the pages you see at this site.  If you have suggestions or comments, please feel free to let us know at  If we can help, or you have any questions at all regarding the ministry or devotionals, let us know. Thanks.

Peace to you and yours,
David, Geoff, Jan, Jen, Mike, Rick and Tim
May 11, 1995

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