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 April 8, 1997 marks One Year of CF Devotionals 

We are fast approaching a significant milestone.  On April 8th, we will mark the first anniversary on which a Christian Fellowship Devotional was sent out via email.  I think I can speak for all the authors, editors and staff in saying that we are all humbled and honored by God's provision and our readers comments over the past year.  

It has been a year of growth for all of us.  Some of you folks may have the mistaken impression that we are some kind of spiritual giants writing these sacred pages. Well, we are students and husbands, wives and businessmen; everyday people. We all do share one thing, which is a desire to grow in the love, grace and mercy which God has shown us through Jesus, and to share that with others. One way we do that is to share our hearts with you here. We learn more about Jesus and ourselves as we compose these brief scripts.  We are being stretched, often finding insights as we sit, clattering away at the keys. And, from the feedback we are getting, God is blessing these insights He passes through us to your hearts and minds. Some of the kind encouragement and thanks that have been passed back to us has been heartwarming and humbling. And for that we thank each of you and God for using us in this way.

During the year, very recently, we added a new Author to the staff.  Rick ministers the Saturday offering.  We are very glad to have Rick's unique viewpoint and heart added to our staff.  He has a great heart for the nation and people of Israel, as well as his brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm sure you will get to see more of that heart as his devotionals are presented. He has a huge, gentle heart and, a writing style that varies from peaceful to powerful and dramatic. Rick has recently been through some very difficult times in his life. He has submitted to the will of God through some very painful times. He is a great brother and personal friend. Welcome Rick.

We also recently added a Copy and Web Editor in Jennifer. There are those of us, like me for instance, who are 'dictionary challenged'. I just might be caught one day misspelling my own name. So, we have Copy Editors. Jan is one, Jennifer is the other. They do the ministry a great service in making our presentation more polished and grammatically friendly. A Web Editor is someone who prepares documents for presentation on the World Wide Web. She speaks and is learning more about the HTML language that webservers and browsers, like Netscape and Mosaic, speak. Up until now, I had all I could do to keep up with the current updates to the website. Jen has taken on the project of getting the early devotionals online, relieving me of that burden. This will soon open the door to new projects.  More on that later. Jennifer too has recently been through some very difficult times. She also is submitting to the will of the Father as she grows through these times. She is a great young lady, Sister-in-Christ and another personal friend. Welcome Jennifer.

Audience Participation Requested

To mark this anniversary event, we would like to hear from you. If God would so lead you to pick a favorite devotional and how it touched you, or send a few words on what the devotional mailings or website has meant to you over the past year, we would like to compile them and add them to this site as testimonials of God's faithfulness. Something you send in might be an encouragement to someone, or let them know they are not alone in a struggle. So, we are giving each of you the chance to take the keyboard for a change.  Let us hear from you at  Please use the subject 'Anniversary' when you send in for this event. Thanks.


It seems appropriate at this time to remember the originator of the email portion of this ministry.  A special thanks goes to Angela who started the original mailing list. When circumstances prohibited her from continuing her online ministry, she very unselfishly gave up the mailing list to us. She said, "It is the Lord's list, not mine." We know that God is in control and He is directing Angela and her family in new areas. Please remember them in your prayers for growth, wisdom and guidance.

 Prayer Requested for Tim and the Ministry

One of our authors has been having some serious technical problems.  Tim's unique style and viewpoint has been missed by us and by you, the readers for several weeks now.  The problem is that he is currently unable to send or receive mail through his service provider.  We are making efforts to get Tim back online for at least one of his normal two per week devotionals. Several of you have inquired about him, and we wanted to let you know that it is only a glitch. Please pray for a resolution to this situation, and for the ministry while one of our number is temporarily sidelined. Thank you.

Website Update Imminent

October 23, 1997 will be the first anniversary of our website. In October of 1996, our Theological Council suggested to us that he felt our daily email devotional should have a wider distribution.  So, we began work on establishing the Christian Fellowship Devotionals Home Page. The results are before you. God has magnified our small talents to become this website. This month will mark the six month point for us. We are very excited to let you know that the vast majority of the devotionals written before the October start date have been converted to web documents.  It is now a matter of carefully constructing the links on the menus so that they will also be available online for you to share with your friends and associates. A special thanks go to one of our devotional staff editors, Jennifer, for the extra effort that has been put out in preparing these pages for online presentation.

God has been very gracious in His provision for us.  As we move into our second year we only want to continue to serve where He leads us. Along those lines, we are also prayerfully considering some additions and changes to our website and presentation of the devotional pages. The primary thrusts will continue to be evangelical and building the body of Chist. Some new ideas include pages with insights into Christian music, both contemporary and classic hymns, and an evangelical views of current news. When will these hit the website? If and when God provides. They are future projects for the time being at least. If the Lord opens the door, we will move through. We are praying for direction and guidance.  We covet your prayers as we continue to serve the Christian community online and stand as a lighthouse to the world for Jesus Christ.

 Final thanks...

We are currently using the facilities of Sagelink to present the CF Devotional pages.  The site administrator has been a wonderful resource during the construction of this website. He has been flexible, very helpful and responsive from the first day we signed on to his system.  If you would, please remember Jim and his family in your prayers.

And of course, to you the readers of these devotionals. Without you, all these pages would not exist. If you are a believer or skeptic, we are glad to have you out there. We feel that God has lead us to be here to share what He gives us.  You are the reason we are lead here and we are glad to be here for you. Your comments back to us show us that you are here for us as well.

Finally, we thank the Lord Jesus, who has provided the time, people, tools and places that have been required to make this ministry happen.  He has placed us here as staff and readers to learn at His feet, and help each other grow along the narrow way.

Peace to you and yours,
David, Geoff, Jan, Jen, Mike, Rick and Tim
5 April 1997

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