[Papercut Press Publishing]1999-04-12 - The Games People Play

Acts 17:28 for in Him we live and move and are...

I’m all for taking some time out and cutting loose every once in a while. A little bit of daring along with common sense adds a flare to life and can take the edges off a bit, and that’s probably why I have a motorcycle. Some games, like Russian Roulette, come unrecommended. Three men in Cambodia learned this as their last lesson in life when they all died recently while playing a local variation of this deadly game.

This local version of Russian Roulette is not played with a pistol, but rather, with a land mine. Each player, “would take turns to stamp on the mine to see who would make it explode, and then they would drink some more alcohol.” The South China Morning Post reported that this was an extra tragic game because it, “ordinarily ends with only one death or injury...”

Life is precious. It is something that I think we are prone to forget in our day to day lives. Life is precious and we only get one shot at it. Someone recently told me that upon reflection they wished they had done this and that differently when they were younger. Who hasn’t thought that? But the past is gone. Time that is past can’t be re-gained.

In Scripture life is compared to a dream (Job 20:8), a shadow (1 Chronicles 29:15), a cloud (Job 7:9), a flower (Job 14:1, 2), a vapor (James 4:14), sleep (Psalm 90:5), a last sigh (Psalm 90:9), a pilgrimage (Genesis 47:9), and to a blade of grass (1 Peter 1:24). Almost all of these things have in common that they are either brief in existence, or they are easily unsettled. Most flowers only last for a brief time and are easily damaged. Sleep, for most of us, is often too short, and also easily disturbed. So it is with our lives. The slightest thing can disturb or end our existence.

For those who have health thus far in this life, you must know that your health is not guaranteed to continue for any amount of time. God may bless you with years of health, but He may also take your health from you in the next breath, or as you are driving to work this morning. Resolve now, resolve today, that as long as God gives you this health that you will use it to the advantage of the Kingdom of God, that you will serve Christ with all that you have, that you will go that extra mile, knowing that your condition is both blessed and frail.

If your health is frail, thank the Lord it is not ailing more. Feeble as you might be, there are others who would consider your burdens a joy compared to what they have been given to endure. Consider how your physical needs cause you to rely upon and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for daily strength and sustenance. Let the burdens of this life do with you what they should, let them drive you to your knees in prayer and let them teach you to depend upon Christ for all your needs.

Life is a precious gift from God. God gives various types of health and life circumstances to each of us. As we learn to cherish life, let us also learn to use our energies to advancing and promoting the eternal things of God. Let us foster those things that transcend and out-live life.

“A musician is commended not that he played so long, but that he played so well. And thus it is not the days of our life, but the goodness of our life … that is acceptable unto God Almighty.” Josias Shute

“To live well is to live twice.” Samuel Ward

Soli Deo Gloria,