[Papercut Press Publishing] 1998-06-03 - Surprise: Christ Will Do the Same

For our citizenship is in heaven... Philippians 3:20

If you have been with these devotionals for any time, I am sorry to tell you that I will be taking Wednesday from Dave (david@masseyre.com) for a few weeks. I know that none of you saw this coming, how could you? The return of our Lord will be just as sudden (and more so), Ah, remember that … ! But while Dave takes some time off I would like to see if I can entice you to offer Wednesday topics to me. Please, let's not worry about infant or believer baptism---or the like, lets find topics that encourage the household of faith for these few Wednesdays. I would like to start by taking some time today and thinking about heaven.

Some of you have been on this devotional list a long time, but this list has been growing. We all come from various backgrounds. Some are students, who knows what they will wind up doing …, some are pastors, some work at 7-11, some might work at IBM or Microsoft, who knows, I sure don't.

I do know this, I know where we are going. I don't mean with our occupations, I mean where we hope to wind up, that is heaven. You might wish for the American dream, 2.2 kids, 2.6 cars, no matter, if your dream is not heaven, you sell yourself short.

Heaven is what you should live for. Heaven, if we really think about it, should consume many of our free hours. To put it bluntly, heaven is all there is after death and that is worth speaking about. Can you imagine a book being published in heaven about 'so and so', who 'by mistake' wound up in hell and is now in torment unfairly. The thought is absurd.

Heaven is our occupation. Heaven should consume us. Getting to glory should be our focus. If you are an American, you can transfer all your wealth to British pounds and it will not grant you glory, or you can do any other absurd thing if you like. Nothing but the gospel of salvation can transfer you to glory; no matter what you do. Rest in Christ for forgiveness and release. Heaven is there. Let us all make it our chief occupation in this life.

"Heaven is the place where the donkey at last catches up with the carrot." anonymous

"Hell is paved with good intentions, but heaven goes in for something more dependable. Solid Gold." --Joyce Cary

"We ought to apply our minds to meditation upon a future life, so that this world may become cheap to us." John Calvin

"Heaven would be hardly heaven if we could define it." --W. E. Biederwolf

Soli Deo Gloria,