[CF Devotionals] 2020-10-20 - Heeding Wrongs

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One evening while Richard and I were dating, our college homework was suddenly interrupted by a power outage at his parents' home, which happened at the same moment that we heard a loud bang. We ran up the street, to find a car had hit a power pole, which brought down the power lines. If you had asked us, we would have considered ourselves as good citizens. In fact, due to Richard's experiences from having two grandfathers who were Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief, Richard had long been a "Flagger' who helped emergency responders find their patients.He knew the area, and even as a kid, could get along quickly on his bicycle. We did call the Fire Department, naturally! But that day, neither of us felt it was necessary to call the power comany. Since the entire neighborhood was dark and there were several homes closer to the incident, we were certain that "somebody else will do it." So we waited and waited. But it looked like "somebody" was not on the job that day! We finally called, the power was restored and life went on. But it was a good reminder for both of us, about stepping up to the bat when something is needed! Don't we also act that way in our communities and churches? Perhaps the call has gone out in our church for something we can do, yet we wait it out, assuming and hoping that "someone else will do it." Or we see some litter along the road and complain, and we could gather a church group to sponsor a road, but after all, "somebody else will do it." We know of a neighbor who cannot get around well, and could use a ride to medical appointments or grocery stores, but surely someone living closer will do it. Is there something pressing on your heart, that God is calling you to do? Sometimes, if we do not say yes, it COULD even be what has been called a "sin of omission." James 4:17 So it is a sin for the person who knows to do what is good and doesn't do it. (HCSB) Of course, I am not saying that we should do everything that is needed, just becuase we are able. God does NOT call us to do everyone else's part; however, He does call all Christians to do our own parts - some in person, some from home. May we each pray that God will lead us to do what He has for US to personally do. And may we do it joyfully and gratefully. I hope that this wonderful, eloquent poem will speak to your hearts!

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody!
By Charles Osgoodi

“There was a most important job that needed to be done,
And no reason NOT to do it, there was absolutely none.
But in vital matters such as this the thing you have to ask,
is WHO exactly will it be who‘ll carry out this task.
ANYBODY could have told you that EVERYBODY knew,
that this was something SOMEBODY would surely have to do.

NOBODY was unwilling, ANYBODY had the ability,
but NOBODY thought he was supposed to be the one.
It seemed to be a job that ANYBODY could have done,
If ANYBODY thought he was supposed to be the one.
But since EVERYBODY recognized that ANYBODY could,
EVERYBODY took for granted that SOMEBODY would.

But NOBODY told ANYBODY that we are aware of,
That he would be in charge of seeing it was taken care of.
And NOBODY took it on himself to follow through and DO,
What EVERYBODY thought that SOMEBODY would do.

When what EVERYBODY needs so did not get done at all,
EVERYBODY was complaining that SOMEBODY dropped the ball.
ANYBODY then could see it was an awful crying shame,
And EVERYBODY looked around for SOMEBODY to blame.
SOMEBODY should have done the job and EVERYBODY would have,
But in the end NOBODY did what ANYBODY could have.”


All scripture references are from the New International Version (NIV) unless otherwise noted.

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