[PC-USA] 2020-06-10 - Exigent Circumstances

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Another unusual affect of the current Covid-19 virus situation is the federal and state government’s decisions to extend the 2019 tax filing requirements for the citizens this year. I cannot recall, specifically, any time prior to now that such an extension happened nationwide. Recently, most states in the country have further extended their due dates to match the Federal Government’s adjustment to July 15 rather than June 15, as previously decided. Our family lives in one of the few states that stuck with June 1st as the extension date (normally May 1)-at least as of today. While feeling fully responsible for our own obligations, it seems odd to be in one of the few that has decided against considering these exigent circumstances as a reason to also follow suit. If not for our sake, perhaps they could reconsider for the benefit of those most strained by the financial burdens of having to close so many businesses in the communities, to slow the spread of a virus with no suitable vaccine yet available. If we must pay a penalty on top of a small amount we will owe due to our final dependent deduction moving out last year, then so be it. But for so many struggling with not only monetary challenges, but also health issues-prior and unrelated as well as the new virus itself-it seems unkind to not at least show some measure of mercy to them.

There is unending mercy, however, found with a Father in Heaven that forgives us of our trespasses when we forgive those who trespass against us (Matthew 6:9-14). If we believe on Him, and we ask for forgiveness, then we receive the benefits of God’s mercy. Personally, I think I received quite a bit of mercy before I fully knew Him in my heart, by way of parents and other mentors in my life, but accepting and knowing means I am accountable, and I take it very seriously. He was kind enough to consider my exigent circumstances of being prone to mistakes, aka sin, potentially permanently separating me from Him spiritually and physically, and He wanted me to know that when I choose Him. then I always receive mercy upon an honest request of it (John 3:16-21). Have you found God’s love and mercy? It is only a request away.

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