[PC-USA] 2020-06-09 - Hunger

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Sometimes, those of us who have put on a bit of middle age weight feel hunger when we are trying to sleep, from taking in only 1000 calories per day - though there are people in other countries who are lucky to have half that many calories. And when we hear about hunger, we sometimes tend to think only about the tragic situations of those countries with famines, such as Venezuela where the Socialist government has been in such disarray, where empty shelves are not a temporary inconvenience but rather an everyday condition. Other countries seriously impacted include Yemen, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (in Africa), Afghanistan and South Sudan (Info source, BBC).

Or perhaps we think of hunger as something mostly in the past, such as during wars. Richard recently read the diary of a Civil War soldier who was imprisoned in a Union-run POW prison in New York, who was barely getting enough food to stay alive. He wasn't alone; many people on both sides knew stomach-swelling and gnawing hunger during that war, both in war zones, as well as at home.

But actually, sometimes hunger is a lot closer than we think. All over the country, when schools were temporarily shut down, poor children weren't able to receive the free meals they were used to getting at school. Fortunately, also all over the country, teachers, principals and caring citizens have gotten together and safely taken food to them. But what has been worrying me, as is regularly true, are the homeless, who are vulnerable in safer times - not to mention with the added dangers of Covid-19 exposure and dangers from rioting. There are some ministries who are braving the dangers for them, and I thank God for them. But already there have been instances of heartless, cruel people savagely attacking the homeless, burning down their "Makeshift" homes, all they have in this world, even as the homeless people beg for mercy. If you haven't seen these or other brutal videos, I recommend them; every adult American should see at least a few of these violent acts, because people need to know the truth and to understand, to know how to pray and to understand what needs to be done. But be warned that it is heartbreaking to see, and many of the videos are graphic. Please note that these are not the peaceful protestors but rather the rioters, and from my juvenile court experience, I personally believe that some of these rioters could be gang members because some of them look like gang beatdowns. Please pray for the homeless and other victims of those taking advantage and rioting, and if you feel so led, please give to trustworthy ministries that are working to help the hungry and homeless. Please also remember that even in the midst of all this anarchy, while most of us can stay in our safe homes, there are people LIVING on those streets, people who already have problems getting one meal per day, much less two or three.

We need to remember these hunger needs that have gone on for thousands of years, and that will continue until Christ returns. In the meantime, it is our responsibility as Christians, to do what we feel led to do, to help them. Jesus, Himself, said. He even told us that to give food to the hungry, is to give food to HIM. (See Matthew 25:34-35.) May we take it to heart.

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