[PC-USA] 2020-04-29 - Parachutes

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Of all the seeds in Spring, I have always been most fascinated by the ones of the maple tree. Perhaps it is the way in which they were designed-reminding me of the swirling blades of various hovercraft machines which likely led to the common description ‘helicopter’ upon sight of them. The rudimental origin of these beautiful trees is wrapped in a casing, which allows it to be carried by the wind and slowly spun to the ground like a tiny parachute. The place this grain of timber lands is a seemingly random spot, but it is one of the that many that fall ending up in the best possible place to be sown into a sapling and then a full-grown maple. In the proper progression the genus Acer (Britannica.com; Maple) will send its own seeds into the Spring breeze to begin the process anew.

Does any part of your life seem random right now? Do you wonder what the plan is or what the future holds? While there are times that plans for life seem to be full of long shots and random occurrences, God has his best in mind for his children. Much like the apparent randomness of a tree that comes to fruition from a fallen seed, our lives have beginnings unknown to us, but not unknown to our creator. And at the point in which we choose to trust in him, we can be sure that our future has an ending back with him in eternity even if the daily happenings leave us wondering. Faith is believing despite how things may appear at times-it is what we hope for despite appearances. (Hebrews 11:1-3) God’s promises are meant for all his children (Deuteronomy 7:9-13). I am so very grateful for the purposefulness of God&squo;s plan, despite the times I may not know exactly what is going to happen. I can be sure of where I will be parachuted back with Him.

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