[PC-USA] 2020-04-28 - His Benefits

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The Psalmist wrote,

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and do not forget all his benefits. Psalm 103:2 (NRSV)

With that in mind, or this week's devotional, I felt moved to share with you some of the benefits that have come to my mind during the time of our "quarantine." These are items that on a list that I have kept throughout this quarantine. This is not an exhaustive list, and the blessings are not in order of importance, merely in the order that I would think to document them.

  1. The pandemic and "Shelter in Place" order didn't happen in 2016, when Richard's immune system would have been so fragile, and I wouldn't have been able to visit him due to restrictions.

  2. This happened BEFORE we had to rush Shiloh to the vet, for her last day with us.

  3. This happened AFTER we were able to visit Richard's parents. This is good timing, since we must stay put for a temporary short while. And we are thankful to be able to stay connected with them daily via email, and that we also have the ability to make phone calls!

  4. Our church's majority voted to suspend until 4-12, then the church's leadership wisely and considerately extended that. At this time, due to the Governor's extended "shelter in place" order for the elderly members, as well as our desire to not spread the illness in any way period, in-person services are suspended until late May. We are thankful to be part of a church that is doing our best to live out Philippians 2:24 and Romans 13. Richard and I are thankful for the prayerful, wise and balanced decisions of both our church and denomination in this unprecedented situation.

  5. . Unlike with the polio epidemics of the 1940s and 1950s, there is more info available about the illness, and updates are given on a daily basis.

  6. This happened at a time when the majority of church members around the world can connect ONLINE-either through Facebook, youTube, email, texts etc. And the remaining ones, we can use the postal mail. At our church, we are using phone conferencing, which also is inclusive of the handful who are unable to go online. After all, everyone has a telephone! We are thankful for the technology that allows the services and fellowship.

  7. Richard's cardio followup and my dental appointment were both recent (both routine). Our Dept. of Public Health has asked dentists to ONLY treat emergency patients for now. which was a smart and pro-active step to take.

  8. Richard and I are both "retired" and doing volunteer work. If this had happened previous to that, I would NOT have had to go for awhile; the Georgia Supreme Court has dismissed all hearings and trials except "first appearance" and emergencies. But Richard WOULD have had to go, as an essential employee with the FAA. Previous to this pandemic, essential referred to employees that were absolutely necessary for the safety and health of the country's citizens. (I admit that I scratch my head at some of the apparent criteria nowadays LOL.)

  9. In a related matter, we are able to do most of our volunteer work from home, as we "shelter in place."

  10. Realizing this may last awhile, we were able to stock up on groceries by buying a little extra at a time, while not hoarding. Naturally, at a certain point, we needed more, and are so thankful that we can order food and other supplies online! We have ordered everything from my Diet Bars to Kosher Grape Juice (the BEST we have EVER had, like drinking directly from the grapes!). We are even able to have bird seed delivered!

  11. We appreciate our simplified and temporarily new normal routine.

  12. Where we live, property is pretty well-distanced, so we are easily able to go outside and walk around in our yard, while continuing to do social distancing.

  13. God gave us the idea that since there are two of us, while some foods and recipes are for four people, we are able to freeze some of our servings, to get more meals from them!

  14. We get along just fine. We know that there are more instances of not only Domestic Violence, but also varying family member tensions right now, from being inside together more than usual. Please pray for people in those situations!

  15. So far, we haven't had to evacuate in what is traditionally severe storm season - though we have packed our emergency bags a couple times LOL.

  16. Nature is wonderful. When you are inside more than usual, try to spend more times at the windows, and enjoy the birds and other wildlife if you happen to have any. We have observed, fed and done volunteer work with our feathered friends for many years, but we still remember what it felt like at the beginning. We were amazed at all we had been missing, that was going on around us every day. We had been oblivious!

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