[PC-USA] 2020-04-15 - Take Heed

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Across the United States, we are currently under the provision of State and Federal agencies to follow the ‘stay at home’ protocol remaining out of the public as much as is possible in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. We are to take heed of the danger imminent to ourselves and others, should we choose to ignore the order. In the state of Virginia, Governor Northam kindly advised of this without putting a written order in place (late March), until large groups of citizens took it upon themselves to crowd beaches and parks somehow seeing this more safe for themselves and the children just dismissed early for the school year, to avoid infection. Clearly, people did not take heed to the urgent need of being prudent for their own safety as well as that of others. The phrase ‘take heed’ as found in the Bible has a few different variations, depending on the context, but many of them boil down to synonyms for the Webster’s (New Twentieth Century, unabridged, second edition 1983) Dictionary’s definition of heed: v. to consider; to be careful; to pay attention, and to take notice. In the governor’s second press conference, less than a week later, his suggestion was revised to an order with specific parameters to be met. He seemed perturbed and disappointed by the fact a large portion of citizens disregarded his efforts to preserve the safety of as many people as possible. The consequences could be as little as being inconvenienced with the flu for a week, or as much as the death of one person combined with results for every person that they unknowingly infected. Since then, there has been more of a sense of urgency to follow the guidelines, but not without complaint-all over social media, since confined to homes. Most of the displeasure can be likened to immaturity as might be seen in a child or young adult. Some of it is out of frustration, and it’s quite easy to blame the Governor or the CDC, but the inability to solve issues with productively by using one’s time (as opposed to something like losing one’s job entirely or worse) seem like things we could work out in places other than a public forum. There are many people who are often partially or entirely unable to either go out, unable to go out without assistance or company, and others must limit their own interactions outside of home for reasons other than infection. Perhaps this is a good time to take heed of what is going on outside of our own scope of daily living, and somehow include the perspective in the days moving forward.

As a follower of Christ, things like-not forgetting the Lord with his commands, judgements and statutes (*Deuteronomy 8:11), not permitting thoughts by way of behaviors or consumables unhealthy to us (*Judges 13:4), being aware of the power of the enemy over those around us (*Jeremiah 9:4) are all critical thoughts of which to take heed. Also are the results of the complaining by other believers coming before us found in God’s word. Complaining about Moses led to correction (*Numbers 11:1), Complaint by Hannah over grief and sorrow led to compassion (*1 Samuel 1:16), and complaints about Paul led to mercy and the wisdom of God’s promises (*Acts 25:7). The common link between current events and ones from scripture is taking heed for our own good. The "stay at home" order is for our physical protection, and spiritual truth from God keeps our soul healthy which ultimately brings peace of mind throughout any circumstance set before us. We can choose to ignore local, state and Federal authorities and get sick and be breaking the law. We can ignore God’s word and struggle much more than we need to or more than God wants us to in this life. It is not always easy, but I’m choosing to take heed,-so I can learn more about myself, others, and God. How about you?

*“These grumblers and malcontents; they indulge their own lusts; they are bombastic in speech, flattering people to their own advantage. But you, beloved, must remember the predictions of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; for they said to you, “In the last time there will be scoffers, indulging in their own lusts.” It is these worldly people, devoid of The Spirit, who are causing divisions. “But you, beloved, build yourselves in the love of God; look forward to the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.” (Jude vs 17-21)

*All Bible references noted in parentheses (parenthesis verse is the beginning of the thought and best understood completing each chapter of reference) or cited quotes are from the printed version of the New Oxford Annotated Bible, New Revised Standard Version with the Apocrypha, Third Edition 2007.

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All verses are from the King James Version (KJV) unless otherwise noted.
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