[PC-USA] 2020-03-17 - Thankful in All Things, even Coronavirus

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Please know that I am not being dismissive of the serious nature of the illness, which per the CDC, is transmitting pretty quickly. I am praying for those who are ill. While most patients recover well, some are seriously ill, and some do not make it. Richard and I are being extremely cautious - not just for our sakes, but also for anyone else who could be affected, if we were to contract the illness. In fact, if anything, I have probably gotten on some people's nerves with my sharing of info that is released by health departments and the Centers for Disease Control!

Richard and I feel that is important for Christians to do our part to cooperate and help.One might assume that for Richard and myself, our primary concern would be his immune system, and to to be sure, we are being very cautious. But actually, deep-seated moral convictions form our primary response to this. Each believer has to follow his/her conscience and convictions, and ours are formed around Philippians 2:4 and Romans 13

  •  - boiling down to being considerate of others instead of selfish and respecting authorities. Christianity is a belief system of sacrifice, and we believe that God is calling us do to our part. For those who are upset at not being able to attend church right now, I empathize with you. But I ask you to remember two things: 1. The church is not a building. In some countries in Africa, believers are so poor that they cannot even afford a building, and "gathering together" can be done via texting, Facebook, email and phone calls. 2. We all need to remember that the Centers for Disease Control protocol are not "punishment" for us, nor are they just something they sit around and think up, to keep busy. They are for every American, especially the most vulnerable. They are drawn up around what will most quickly contain the virus. They are for US. Like when we were children, we may not want to hear the words, but verily, "it is for our own good."

    We Christians need to be part of the SOLUTION and not part of the PROBLEM. We need to try to make things easier for the authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control, by our calling to do what is right for the common good. In order to contain the virus and slow its progress, we all must do our part. The more people who refuse to comply, the more cases we will have. We all will have to make some sacrifices in this, and isn't that the Christlike way, anyway to sacrifice? We Christians shouldn't feel that we are exempt. Sometimes we have to sacrifice for the common good, and this could be one of those times. If we have the right attitudes, this can provide a great witness for our faith! So what, if some of our normal activities are curbed for at least two months! For us, they aren't serious changes - just eating out less, minimizing errands etc. to comply with social distancing. Thankfully, we are able to do several types of volunteer work from home.

    We have decided to just do all that we can to stay safe and healthy, and we will continue to stay abreast of the latest important info we need, about Covid-19. But we will NOT obsess about it. We will mostly focus on other things.We will count our blessings and focus on positive things.

    This is all Biblical, since we are to give thanks IN all things. As I have mentioned before, prepositions are important. We are not expected to be phony, to pretend to be thankful FOR something that is not good. But we can always find things for which to be thankful IN these situations!

    As the Apostle Paul wrote to the Thessalonians "(5:17, Phillips),"Be thankful, whatever the circumstances may be."

    It also is conducive to good health. There is a scientific basis for this. Per John Hopkins Hospital, having positive attitudes and thinking strengthen our immune systems. There are no guarantees, but in case we do encounter the virus, this might even help us to resist or fight it. Besides, what do we have to lose?

    So we are being thankful that we are not among the ill, as we pray daily for those who are. We are thankful that if we do have a medical need, we have a good EMS, and high quality medical care within commuting distance, that we have very full cabinets of food and other supplies.and that we have a comfortable home in which we will be spending so much time. We are grateful to have friends with whom we can "gather together" via texting, email and Facebook. We will enjoy some of our classic sitcoms and movies on legal DVDs; science also backs up the fact that laughter truly is good medicine.We cannot go to a movie in a theater, so we will have movie nights at home, popcorn included and we will be thankful for the option.

    In addition, we are thankful that there are always plenty of things to do around here. We are literally NEVER are bored at home, and I can't ever remember getting "cabin fever" at home. Not everyone has these blessings, We need to maintain perspective. "This too shall pass," and what are a couple months ouf of the rest of our lives? For most of us, the sacrifices are not substantial, and for those who do face more hardships, may we pray and reach out to help them, per Luke 12:48.

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