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Most of you are familiar with the beloved member of our family named Shiloh, our little Cocker Spaniel rescue dog. She came to us with symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure, and earlier this week, her little heart finally gave out - in spite of all the medicines and tender loving care. Thanks to the best medicines, vet care, and prayer, we had five-and-a-half cherished years with her and her spunkiness. In her memory,we are remailing a devotional that I wrote right after we adopted her. We trust that God will use it to bless you. Jan

Lesson I. Cataracts
Originally published on 10-07-2014

Richard and I recently adopted a rescue dog, Shiloh. When she was picked up and taken to the wonderful shelter that cared for her so diligently, she was found roaming the streets, totally blind, from cataracts that were brought on by malnutrition. She couldn't see people or other animals. She couldn't see food sources or dangers. She could only hear and smell them.

After the surgical removal of one of the cataracts, she saw the world with exciting new eyes! Everything is new and adventurous to her.

After we come to a faith in the saving grace of Christ, the world should be new to us, too. We should look at everything differently. Sin should be a hindrance to be avoided, rather than something fun. Other people should be people to love, rather than problems. "Problems," to borrow from the Chinese proverb, should become opportunities.

Sometimes, at the beginning of our faith walk, we "start off with a bang." We are gung-ho about following Christ and seeing things and people through His eyes. But as time goes by, discouraging experiences plus everyday life crowd in on us - spiritual cataracts begin to form on our hearts. We lose patience with difficult people. Bible reading becomes a chore, instead of a joy. Worldly thinking patterns set into our hearts.

So - what can we do, to counteract spiritual cataracts? We can prevent spiritual malnutrition, by nourishing our faith regularly with Bible reading, prayer, as well as worship and fellowship with mature believers. For any of us who have developed spiritual cataracts, I encourage prayer that asks God to help us see through His eyes. We can pray Psalm 5:12 (NASB): Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and sustain me with a willing spirit.

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