[CF Devotionals] 2020-01-14 - Pink Building

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Before I graduated from college and then worked with victims of felony crimes, I served for awhile as receptionist at a large church in Midtown Atlanta. Out my window was a gorgeous view of what was (and may still be) the tallest building in the Southeast, a lovely salmon bank building. The building was in the news during this past week, when there was a photo of the building being struck by a lightning bolt (not to be confused by the other building that was hit, the Queen Building, neither damaged, as they are grounded well). That building is so tall that one time, I nearly called 911 because I was convinced it was on fire. Smoke was billowing around the top of it! Or so it seemed. Actually, it was a rainy day, and clouds had submerged the top of the building.

Though God didn't see fit to bless me with a good sense of direction, with all the time that we spent in midtown, I learned my way around pretty well. But when I had to venture out of my directional comfort zone and Richard wasn't with me, I needed a way to find my way back to the church or interstate. So I would focus on my pink building, and just drive toward it. As long as I kept it in view, I couldn't become lost, and I would end up somewhere familiar.

Isn't that the way it is in our spiritual lives? If we are looking "down," so to speak, and focusing on what is going on, we can become discouraged or panicked - by a doctor's report for ourselves or a family member or friend, a relationship issue, a demanding boss, a pending change at a church, an upcoming exam in a difficult subject or whatever.

No matter is going on "on the ground," if we keep our focus on Jesus and following Him, we will be able to keep moving in His will.

As the Oak Ridge Boys sang on their 1971 album International:

Keep your thoughts upon Jesus

For you know the Lord up above has made a new creature of you

And you will grow in His likeness

As daily your mind and your life, you'll renew.

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