[CF Devotionals] 2020-01-13 - A Cure for Fear

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The fictional characters Beaver and Wally hid in their bedroom when they were afraid. In an episode of Leave It To Beaver, we learn a young Wally would hide under the bed when he was frightened, and Beaver hid in the closet. (Mother's Day Composition, season 3)

What was your sanctuary?

Hiding out is only a temporary solution from what we want to avoid. Our immediate reaction may be fear, but the Bible tells us to do the opposite.

Fear not for God has redeemed me. He has called me by name. When I pass through the waters they won't overflow. God will be with me when I walk through the fire. I won't get burned. (see Isaiah 43:1-2)

"I sought the Lord and He healed me and delivered me from all my fears." (Psalm 34:4 CEB)

My house is safe from fear. (see Job 21:9)

I have struggled with fear since I was a young child. It's a constant battle to not let fearful thoughts and doubts control me. When I declare what God says about fear, its voice loses its power.

I will not be fearful. I will be strong and not fear. (see Isaiah 35:3-4)

Lord, I don't receive a bondage to fear. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
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