[CF Devotionals] 2019-11-12 - Veterans Day

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This week, we will take a break from our "Modern Saints" Series and instead, to thank our military veterans.

As Christ said and was recorded by John, "There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends." John 15:13 (NLT)

This is exactly what our veterans have done and continue to do for us, from the 1700s when they were saving us from an oppressive government (Britain) that was treating us as servants and taking away our God-given rights

-through "World Wars" where they fought to free people including God's Chosen People (Jewish) who were suffering from being burned in ovens and having their bodies used as soap and lamps

-through the war in Vietnam when they fought to help the South Vietnamese military prevent the takeover of the Communists who in North Vietnam had taken away basic human rights Some of our soldiers were tortured in prisons - but upon return, instead of being honored - were spit upon, ostracized and lambasted as "Baby Killers" instead of being honored for their sacrifices and sincere attempts to do the right thing to help those in need.

-right through the current times where some of our vets are crippled by addiction encouraged by trying to forget the horrible things they had to see during their tours of duty from Vietnam to Iraq, Afghanistan and other places.

-as well as those who serve for more than one "tour" but instead are currently trying to free people at home and abroad from "leaders" who torture and kill people who believe differently or who try to convert people to Christianity. I know that doesn't come anywhere near doing justice to the men and women who have sacrificed and do continue to imitate Christ by sacrificing for us so that we can freely express our religious beliefs, and to share the free expression of our own opinions.

I would like to encourage ALL of us, including myself, to:

  • express appreciation to veterans who have served and continue to serve
  • to pray for veterans
  • AND to strive to emulate their lives of sacrifice for others - at home, at work, at school, at church - everywhere.

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