[CF Devotionals] 2017-12-03 - Moses and Aaron; Moses and the Elders

Exodus 4:27-28

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  1. Moses and Aaron

    After some forty years, Moses and Aaron were about to be reunited. God spoke to Aaron back in Egypt, letting him know Moses was on the way and to go out to meet him. Aaron’s presence would be a real encouragement to Moses as he entered back into the land. Moses told Aaron of all the things we have been examining.

    I suspect this may not have been a major news bulletin to Aaron, as God had also spoken to him, even if it was only to say go meet Moses. It may have also been people being people, Moses had to show Aaron the signs that God had given him.

  2. Moses and the Elders

    So Aaron was brought up to date on Moses’ job, and Moses was current on the situation back in Egypt. From Aaron’s perspective, it is time for the two of them to face the elders of the people.

    I suspect Moses had some anxiety, for though the Lord was behind him, if these men didn’t believe him, what would he do? For the first time, Aaron was the spokesman. He recounted the details Moses had given to him. Notice it says here Aaron was also the one who performed the signs.

    Who do you think the people now see as leader? Moses, certainly. But Aaron, by performing the signs, was likely given a prominence not accorded to Moses. The important point, though, is God’s promise to Moses was fulfilled. The people believe God’s messengers.

    Whether these are the elders as representative of the people in general, or the Hebrews as a whole, is unclear. What is clear is they knew God was aware of their need and was prepared to act on it. Their response was what one would hope for, worship. What should our response be to the knowledge of the majesty of the Lord, that He is in control? Praise and Worship!

Exodus study to be continued.

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