[CF Devotionals] 2017-08-13 - Exodus ~ Moses: Called by God

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Exodus 3, Verses 6-10

Verse 6: Second, God introduced Himself by tying Himself to the family of Moses. God first identifies Moses’ father Amram, noting the personal relationship with him. Second, God identifies with Moses’ roots, with his ancestors - Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This identifies God as the God of the Covenant and speaks to the nature of His business with Moses, Covenant business. Moses’s reaction was appropriately one of fear, that is the awe of a creature before his Creator, the fear of looking on the face of God.

Verses 7-10: Third, God gave Moses the background, that was His awareness of the suffering of Israel, who was called His people. Now He was preparing to take action to:

  1. rescue Israel from Egypt and
  2. to take the people into a land where they were to be blessed.

Parenthetically, God noted the land was currently occupied by a number of groups, which we’ll touch on shortly. But what I want to note here is, God was taking His children out of slavery into blessing. This is also what he has done for us, removed us from slavery to our sins into the blessings of His salvation, His will, and His way.

So the Lord allowed Moses to be put on hold, in preparation for the leading of the Hebrew people through the same area he had been living in. Now, the time had come for the Lord to take action and Moses to be His tool.

First, God brought Moses up-to-date on what had been happening in Egypt. Nothing had changed, for though the Pharaoh of Moses’ day has died, the new Pharaoh was still carrying out his predecessors’ policies. The people continued to suffer. Consequently, Moses was informed the time to return them to the land of Canaan had arrived, and he was to be the one who will lead. He wasn’t exactly thrilled by the idea.

Exodus Study to be continued.

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