[PC-USA] 2017-07-18 - Dealing with Our Own Garbage

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Romans 14:12 So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God.

I will admit, at the outset, that one of my pet peeves is littering. It is arrogant because the person assumes that other people's property is less important than his own; they don't want trash in their car or their own yard, so they throw it out along a public road, which is usually in front of someone else's property. In some cases, it is even a public safety hazard .For example, a discarded chicken bone can kill a dog that grabs it so quickly his owner can’t get it. People who throw out drugs are of course the worst, for a child playing in front of his house can easily pick it up and swallow something lethal before the parent can snatch it away. And then there are fires. The National Fire Protection Agency says there were approximately 90,800 smoking-material fires in the U.S. in the most recent year posted. A large number of brush fires are also started by careless cigarette tossers, who apparently think it's worth risking someone's property and the safety of firefighters, to avoid having the smell of a cigarette in their own car. I have never in my life been a “wannabee cop," because I believe it is a calling, and I also know too much about the dangers and how much of a thankless job it is. But every time I see someone litter, just for about five minutes, I would love to be able to issue a citation.. I was a city girl for many years, so I have the right to say the following: In addition, since we built our house in the country, I have learned that some city folks seem to think it is their right to just drive out into the country and dispose of anything they no longer want - from mattresses to lawn mowers to used toys to old vehicles. Could they be more inconsiderate and rude?

Each one of us should take care of our own garbage. This includes our spiritual walk, as well! If we have said something careless or hurtful to someone, we need to apologize. If we have done something that caused a problem with a family member, friend or in our church, we need to do what we can, to make amends. We shouldn't leave others to fix our own messes!

I encourage you, today, to pray with me that God will help us try to avoid strewing garbage in our lives in the first place - but when it does happen, to guide us in cleaning it up!

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