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Introduction Continued ~ Themes and Outlines

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  1. Where and When: One "when" will be touched on later - the dating of the Exodus, itself. But as for when the book was written, it seems to be most likely around the completion of the Tabernacle. This means it was written probably during the wilderness march, around the same time that Genesis was written. This is estimated to be about 1444 b.c.

  2. Themes of the Book:

    1. The major theme of the book is that of redemption. The ultimate picture in the book is Passover, redemption through the shedding of blood.

    2. Tied to the theme of redemption is the theme of Christology.

      1. Typologies - That is persons, places, events, and things that picture doctrines of Scripture - here, dealing specifically with Christ.

      2. As noted above, the theme of redemption as related to the work of Christ–The need of shed blood–all looking towards the substitutionary death of Christ.

    3. In addition to the above themes, there will be special studies which will include Passover, The Tabernacle in The Wilderness and The Ten Commandments.

    Now this isn't intended to be all inclusive and as we go through the book we will look at a number of other themes.

  3. Personalities: There are four main personalities in the book. The most important,of course, is Moses. The second, Aaron and the two introduced here, but seen more fully in other books, are Caleb and Joshua.

  4. Outlines: Here are two sample outlines. These show two different approaches to the book.

    1. Outline 1 ties to Israel and comes from Larson. 2

      Chapters 1-12Israel in Egypt
      Chapters 13-18Israel in the Wilderness
      Chapters 19-40Israel at Sinai

    2. Outline 2 is more thematic and comes from Dr. McGee. 3

      A Deliverer Chapters 1 - 11
      Deliverance - (By Blood & Power) Chapters 12 - 14
      Marching to Mount Sinai - (Spiritual Education) Chapters 15 - 18
      The Law - (Condemnation) Chapters 19 - 24
      Blueprint and Construction of the Tabernacle Chapters 25 - 40

    Hopefully all this will give you a basis to study the book on your own, as you read through it in advance of our study here.
  1. Larson, Gary N., reviser, The New Unger’s Bible Handbook, Moody Press, Chicago, IL, 1966, p. 693
  2. McGee, J. Vernon, Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee, Volume 1, “Genesis - Deuteronomy,” Thomas Nelson Inc., Nashville, TN 1981, p. 202.

Study to be continued.

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