[CF Devotionals] 2017-02-12 - Exodus Study


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“Then a new king, who did not know about Joseph, came to power in Egypt.” Exodus 1:8

“Then another king, who knew nothing about Joseph, became ruler of Egypt. He dealt treacherously with our people and oppressed our forefathers by forcing them to throw out their newborn babies so that they would die.” Acts 7:18-19

  1. Introduction

    It has been about a year and a half since we started the study in the book of Genesis. There- fore, I would like to make some general comments on Old Testament study. After that we will first look at the Torah and then specifically Exodus. Finally it will be helpful to review the events that lead to the conditions in which the Children of Israel find themselves at the beginning of this book.

    This is quite a lot of introductory material, and while we go through it,I encourage you to read through the entire book of Exodus.

    During the verse-by-verse study of Exodus, we will also give a number of special studies. These studies will include: Christ as seen in the Tabernacle, sessions on the Passover as a picture of Christ, and a series on The Decalogue.

    While I am not prepared to list all of the themes we will be covering, the two main themes we will continually address are the issue of REDEMPTION and, the theme of all scripture, CHRIST.

    As already noted in the first area we need to review is the Old Testament in general. It has been developed over a number of years, and is taken from my “Old Testament Survey,” as well as from Willmington’s Guide to the Bible and Jensen’s Survey of the Old Testament.

    Next week, we will review the individual chapter themes.

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