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Letters to a Young Church ~ Get a Job

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It was probably forty plus years ago, when Janette and I were involved with First Covenant Church in San Francisco. This was one of the first churches to become involved in the small group movement. We had what were called growth groups modeled after the pattern developed by Churches Alive.

We had already been involved in the pilot program, eighteen months meeting weekly, using Navigator materials, including the Topical Memory Course, and training in evangelistic outreach. Now that group had been a breeze. It included the cream of the crop, those who would be leading other groups, including the pastor.

But now we were having to go through the whole thing again with a new group, one which certainly wasn’t the cream of the crop, more likely the light milk. I remember one woman in her late thirties, who decided that it was time for her to get married, so she asked one week, if we would pray for a husband. The next week she panicked, feeling that she was too set in her ways, but it was already too late, for during that one week, the Lord sent a man into her life - and later that year, they were married.

But there was one special person who comes to mind, as I was looking at the passage this week. He was a young single guy, who lived by receiving disability money from the state for mental issues. Now knowing him, we assumed when the money had been authorized, he probably deserved it. And while he was still odd, (he’s the one when walking past a strip joint in North Beach, and telling the barker he wouldn’t go in because he was a believer, was encouraged to go in to witness to the girls and did), there was no question that he was capable of taking care of himself.

Over a number of weeks, the group prayed for him and cajoled him that as a believer, he was to be a responsible member of society. Without pulling any punches, we told him “Get a Job!” And interestingly enough, he listened too well, for he went out and got two. He barely had enough time for the things of the Lord. Anyway, our big concern for him was that he would understand that as Christians, we are to be responsible members of our community.

  1. Get a Job!

    1. The Prayer of the Apostle
    2. The Problem in the Church
    3. The Postlude of the Epistle

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