[CF Devotionals] 2016-09-25 - 1 Thessalonians Study

Letters to a Young Church ~ Informed Believers ~ Introduction

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The strangeness of the human mind will never fail to surprise me. While I have to admit that my wife and I get along really well, this doesn't mean we never disagree. One area that could always start a major disagreement was how we are going to spend the millions we would win in the “Publisher's Clearing House” contests. I knew just how we needed to spend the money and invest it. For some reason, she didn’t necessarily agree. When we got into this discussion, it could often deteriorate into an argument. Then we’d step back and say can you believe we're fighting over spending money we'll never see?”

I suspect we all sometimes get into these silly situations.

When this happens, we are allowing our reality to be affected by the unreal. Unfortunately, the opposite is also often true. We don't allow reality to affect our lives. One area we come across in Scripture, that seems to have a minimal effect on how we live, is the reality of Christ returning for His church.

It is amazing, no matter how much we learn about God, His will for us, His words, there are always areas we still are in ignorance about. And even when we have knowledge, it doesn't always mean we live accordingly. While ignorance was obviously a problem for the Thessalonians, lack of application wasn't. In the next part of our 1 Thessalonians study, we will see that Paul wanted them to come to understand what was obviously a matter of great importance to them, the fate of believers who had died before the time of Christ's return. The truth of God's word obviously had a major effect on how they understood life.

We will see just how real the return of Christ was to the Thessalonians, and we will also see how it should be a comfort to us. We need to be “informed believers.”

To be continued.

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