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Letters to a Young Church ~ The Walking Christian

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One of the interesting things about being a believer in the work-a-day world is how we respond when given the opportunity to witness to someone. As I told some of you before, my boss had a number of issues. These made him a fascinating individual to deal with.

Actually he could be a real pain in the neck. Also complicating our relationship was the fact that I was enough of the “old school” that I tended to be intimidated by my bosses simply because they were bosses. I know that's hard to believe, but reality being what it is, I believed that one had to give respect to one's boss, which meant something just short of subservience, at least to their faces. I was even uncomfortable calling him by his first name, though everyone else did. Usually I just avoided calling him anything.

Anyway on the specific occasion I'm thinking of the conversation came around in such a way that I could have witnessed to him. Because of the relationship and my own timidity I kept my mouth shut. Now I can make the excuse that I was young, which was true, or that he wouldn't have been interested, which was certainly true. But the truth is that I simply was more concerned about my personal emotional comfort, than I was about his spiritual condition.

Paul, though, was a different kind of man. His only concern was doing what God expected of him. He lived in obedience to that premise and without regard to what men thought of him. This didn't necessarily mean that he didn't care what men thought; it only meant that he was more concerned about pleasing God than man.

  1. The Walking Believer

    1. Paul’s History
    2. Our Future

1 Thessalonians Verses 1-12

Introduction: As we continue on in this letter, we will see that Paul steps back and gives the Thessalonians some idea of what had been going on in his life, that is Paul's history. It is from his history that we can take heart and learn what should be our future, as we discuss “The Walking Believer.”

The believers at Thessalonica were a committed group. While they were probably new Christians, and certainly a new church, the quality of their faith was such that it had become known throughout the area. The reality of their belief had echoed throughout the land and back to Paul.

These people had accepted the truth of the Gospel, as given to them by Paul, Silvanus, Timothy, and made real through the power of the Holy Spirit, and as they heard the truth from these men, they also accepted them as examples after whom they could model their own lives.

Even more importantly, they modeled their lives after Christ, and as a result, they in turn became examples for others.

To be continued.

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