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The Fifth Woe

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The Babylonians believed they were all-powerful, because of the idols they worshiped and whom they believed, empowered them. This is the ultimate crime anyone can commit, and it is this same sin that often underlies our own struggles.

We, too, can be guilty of believing our security comes from some other source than God. We can move someone or something into first place in our lives. Actually, this was the real problem of Judea, and the source of God’s discipline of them.

The answer to all of this is to move one’s eyes off idols, or anything for that matter, other than God. He is where He has always been, in His holy temple. And so the message to Habakkuk is to stop complaining. Blue puts it this way:

“For Habakkuk, the message was clear. Stop complaining! Stop doubting! God is not indifferent to sin. He is not insensitive to suffering. The Lord is neither inactive nor impervious. He is in control. In His perfect time Yahweh will accomplish His divine purpose. Habakkuk was to stand in humble silence, a hushed expectancy of God’s intervention.” 1

The key to all of this chapter is “the righteous will live by his faith.” As we live focused on God in His temple, we can walk with confidence and not be fearful, no matter what the circumstances of our life. And we will walk in His righteous ways.

Faith the Way of Salvation

I bless God again that the way of salvation is by faith, because it is a way to open to the most unlearned. What fine theology we get nowadays! Deep thinking they call it. The men go down so deep into their subjects, and so stir the mud at the bottom, that you can not see them and they can not see themselves. I apprehend that teachers of a certain school do not themselves know what they are talking about. Now, if salvation were only to be learned by reading through huge folios, what would become of the multitudes of poor souls in Bow, Bethnal Green and Seven Dials? If the Gospel had consisted of a mass of learning, how could the unlearned be saved? But now we can go to each one of them and say: “Jesus died.” “There is life in a look at the Crucified One; There is life at this moment for thee.” ~ Spurgeon 2

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