[CF Devotionals] 2016-04-10 - Habakkuk

The Fourth Woe

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Babylon had been humiliating its enemies, by enticing them to drunkenness. Now God warned them the day was coming when He was going to humiliate the nation before the world.

The problem is that the sin of drunkenness, in turn, leads to many other sins, many of which are forms of immorality. We see this today with, unfortunately, younger and younger people. Drunkenness leads to STDs, children born out of wedlock, death through vehicular homicide, and often the use of other types of drugs. But as would be the case with Babylon, substance abuse leads to its own destruction.

The real charge here though is the violence against the lives of others. They have shed the blood of the innocent, and that will not go unpunished. But there is an underlying sin behind all of this and that is …

To be continued.

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